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 Welcome to Wild Frontier Square

Dance Club

 Adelaide, South Australia



Jeff & Susan Seidel & Wild Frontier’s Committee welcomes members and visitors of all levels and experience for fun filled evenings of square dancing.


Wild Frontier is one of the oldest and most popular square dance clubs in Adelaide, South Australia, and celebrated its 38th birthday in February 2011. Some of the original members still dance each week, Caller, Jeff Seidel has been with the club since its inception. New members are welcome and there is a learners intake every year.


Along with its sister club, Kannella Squares, all popular levels of square dancing are catered for – from basic Learners right through to Adv 1 & 2.

Keep up to date with what’s happening at Wild Frontier’s and square dance activities coming up (scroll down for the latest news) also see our 2011 Diary (vertical menu on left under CATEGORIES)


Wild Frontier Club

Begginners classes are held every year  Thursdays 7.30 PM – 10.00 PM
In the hall next to Kensington Gardens Uniting Church,
29 Brigalow Avenue, Kensington Gardens SA 5068.
Click on the top bar “Learn To Dance” or “Contact Us” for mor information.

Beginners Plus Classes every Friday 7 PM to 8 PM:  followed by Mainstream: 8 PM to 10.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072

Kannella Squares Club

Adv 1st & 2nd: Tuesdays of the month 7:00 PM to 8.00 PM; Plus: Tuesdays 8:00 PM to 9.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072



  Mainstream Graduation Class March 2010 (click on image to enlarge)

For more information:

Contact Jeff: phone 08 8263 5023

or contact us on-line by going to our contact page (see ContactUs option on top horizontal menu bar)

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Berri Weekend Away 2015

Weekend Away 2015 Berri

Christmas Dinner Dance

Xmas Dinner

Kannella’s Birthday Bash

We all hope to see you all at our upcoming “bithday”, see below.


Kanella Birthday

Footy Night Fever

Once again, this report is late – doesn’t time just fly, it must be a retired seniors thing. Time and tide wait for no man and because I am up to my neck right now with house maintenance, renovations, in-laws, grandchildren, burst water main, collapsed tree and my physiotherapist, not to mention Helen’s list of “things that must be done”, have necessitated that I combine two events into one report.

On Friday 19th September, on the eve of the AFL Grand Final, Wild Frontier held their annual Footy Night dance at our Chapel Street venue, we had the usual pies sausage rolls etc. The following Friday 26th September we all visited Scoot Back Squares at their Church Street venue and guess what? Yes, it was their footy night. So once again, team colours, more pies and more sausage rolls. Chapel Street? Church Street? Anyone would think we were a bunch of evangelists (little do they know how impure we really are).

Green and Gold

Poor Jenny (presidents stress) she got a bit confused about footy and cricket

Its the only voice Jeff has

Sorrry Steve, its the only singing voice Jeff has.

Unfortunately I was unable to participate at the Wild Frontier dance and arrived a bit late, so was unable to get a good photograph of Peter from Sunset Twirlers who was wearing multicoloured plumage, which included a red white and blue wig, footy socks shorts and what looked like a soccer shirt. However I guess you can get some idea of his attire from the photo below.

Peters Plumage Sharp

Thank goodness Peter left his flares and smoke bombs at home

April as usual provided good backup in the kitchen heating up the pies and sausage rolls. Is it any wonder that we don’t lose weight? We espouse the benefits of square dancing such as cardio vascular and brain exercise, accompanied by brisk aerobic weight reducing movements, then go and pile it all back on with huge suppers (on top of the usual roast beef, three veg and Yorkshire pudding, dinner followed by pavlova, cream and ice cream that we have eaten prior to the dance).

Do you want sauce with that

Do you want sauce on your pie?

Poor Geelong

Jeff was still upset that Geelong got knocked off

Not the Crows again

There were many crows supporters at our dance

Yest the Crows Again

Anyone would think they made the top eight.

For those of us who travelled from the deep down South up into badlands of the far north Salisbury, it was a long trip, in fact we had a bit of trouble hitching our camel alongside the others, we got there a bit late so we had to eat our packed lunch outside, the others had already eaten theirs and were inside dancing. A few of us were unsure of the start time, I guess I should have looked in Roundup, however, some of us don’t receive that magazine, they just look at this website for information and there was nothing posted (please committee give me stuff to put on this site). Never mind everyone still had a great time, the camel and packed lunch trip was worth while.

Full House at Scoot Back 3

A full house at Scoot Back

The Church Street venue was excellent, a great dance floor and excellent hosts who put on a fantastic supper. The stage décor was Crows and Power (who reversed the Power flag?) and we had some great calling from Ian, Chris, John and Jeff. Their president Jeff was more smartly dressed than usual as can be seen in the photo below.

Not the Crows again 2

Oh dear – not the Crows again

John Calling

Could it be John is an NRL fan?

Purdy's best dress

Jeff Purdy in his Sunday best

Both events had a very good turnout, with full dance floors plus the usual onlookers flapping their gums. Scoot Back’s event had an exceptionally good attendance, bolstered by their visitors from other clubs, from memory I counted 31 Wild Frontier dancers, that over 4 squares and I may have missed someone. I think clubs should foster a lot more of this camaraderie.

Full House at Scoot Back 2

Go Westies!

Full House at Scoot Back

A great venue

A murder of Crows

A Murder of Crows?

Unfortunately I got caught off guard. It was my 70th the night we visited Scoot Back and unbeknown to me Helen in cohorts with Senga and Darryl smuggled in a birthday cake. So I had to stand in the middle of a square while they all sang Happy Birthday, then cut my cake – a weight watchers Black Forest Cake –just watch the weight transfer from the lips to the hips (tum or bum).

Birthday cake

Whats this 10 x 7, surrounded by cream and chocolate sprinkles?


Just smile, even though your a bloody old fart now

Both events were a great success, the committees and helpers of both Scoot Back and Wild Frontier did a great job, not a glum face on the dancers faces at either event, thank you, well done, hopefully we will do more of the same – soon.

Now I have to write up the great Barn Dance we all attended at Mick and Pauline’s where we surprised Joan for her 90th birthday — boy am I behind schedule.