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 Welcome to Wild Frontier Square

Dance Club

 Adelaide, South Australia 


Jeff & Susan Seidel & Wild Frontier’s Committee welcomes members and visitors of all levels and experience for fun filled evenings of square dancing.


The popular Wild Frontier Square Dance Club is the oldest square dance club in Adelaide, South Australia, and celebrated its 42nd birthday in February 2015. Some of the original members still dance each week, Caller, Jeff Seidel has been with the club since its inception. New members are welcome and there is a learners intake every year.


Along with its sister club, Kannella Squares, all popular levels of square dancing are catered for – from basic Learners right through to Adv 1 & 2.

Keep up to date with what’s happening at Wild Frontier’s and square dance activities coming up (scroll down for the latest news) also see our 2011 Diary (vertical menu on left under CATEGORIES)


Wild Frontier Club

Every Friday:
Beginners classes-  7.00 PM to 8.00 PM.
Mainstream-               8.00 PM to 10.30 PM.
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072
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Kannella Squares Club

Every Tuesday:
Adv-     7:00 PM to 8.00 PM;
Plus-   8:00 PM to 9.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072
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For more information:

Contact Jeff: phone 08 8263 5023

or contact us on-line by going to our contact page (see ContactUs option on top horizontal menu bar)

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Wild Frontier’s Australia Day Dance

On Friday 29th January Wild Frontier held their annual Australia Day dance  (because dances are held every Friday, the dance  rarely falls on 26th January the correct date).

Kay & Doug c

Kay thinks Jeff’s calling is just…………so dreamy!

Many of the dancers flew their Oz colours and the hall was decorated with Australian flags of all shapes and sizes.  We had quite a good turnout, 5 squares up with the usual spare square sitting out, exercising their jaws.

So I told Lloyd c

So I told Lloyd in no uncertain terms………………

Jeff called his usual box circulate to see if dancers remembered their mainstream definitions, the usual result, some squares did an ends circulate.  So a we all had a bit of a workshop on circulate.

Box circulate c

Don’t you know how to “box circulate”?

This reminded me of a plus workshop Peter Humphries once ran at one of the Easter Speewa Hoedowns, I have never yet circulated as we did on that day, left hand right hand, facing lines adjacent squres etc.  Also I never realized that Ping Pong Circulate could be done from so many different positions.  Enough reminiscing!

Well have none of that c

Oh dear he’s spotted my mistake, looks like I’m back to the beginners class —–again!

Cmon c

Cmon…………Lloyd Hewitt joined us for the night.

For the supper, Carolyn made 4 large dampers, nice and crusty,which I believe were served with jam and cream (I saw – I resisted – I walked away).  Damper beats a Pommy Devonshire tea every time.  Plus there was a lot of other food laid out for demolitions.

Come on Ladies where are you c

Gerry, Steve and Milton are so impatient – the ladies get there …..eventually!

Everyone enjoyed the night with some great calling by Jeff.  Mind you whilst sitting out, I did notice quite a few dancers struggling to get back into place in time.  I put my stop watch on Jeff, and found he was calling at 140 beats per minute (the recognized square dance speed is around the 125 beats per minute rate).  When Jeff checked his computer is was running at 139 beats per minute.  I do recall Don Gillespie (a crazy character from the clubs pas) had a sticker on his Winnebago “SQUARE DANCERS DO IT AT 126 BEATS PER MINUTE WHILST CHANGING PARTNERS”.

Where are we going c

If we keep walking round in circles well get somewhere — eventually.

A great night, we will do it again next year one day closer to the real day, but, we will have to wait until  Friday 26th 2018 to hold the dance on the actual day.   Well done the committee, well done Jeff.

Easter Dance

Easter Dance 2016

2016 Square Dance Diary

I have not been given any information to post re Wild Frontier and Kannella Square dance activities in 2016, never mind though because TAWS have put together a magnificent diary which contains all our future events.  Click on the link below to find out more.  South Australia events can be found in the right hand column on the web page.

You can also access this information from the top horizontal bar on the opening page.


In future, please bow or curtsey to Jeff


A little bird told me that our caller Jeff Seidel was given an Australia Day award for his contribution to square dancing by the City of Tea Tree Gully Council.  I have not heard of any other Australian square dance caller previously being recognized in this way.  Sure recognition is given to callers within the square dance community i.e., by their peers and supporters, but this is a bit of a break through, being officially recognized outside that community.  I hope he managed to persuade the mayor and councilors to come along and give square dancing a try.  Well done Jeff.