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 Welcome to Wild Frontier Square

Dance Club

 Adelaide, South Australia 


Jeff & Susan Seidel & Wild Frontier’s Committee welcomes members and visitors of all levels and experience for fun filled evenings of square dancing.


The popular Wild Frontier Square Dance Club is the oldest square dance club in Adelaide, South Australia, and celebrated its 42nd birthday in February 2015. Some of the original members still dance each week, Caller, Jeff Seidel has been with the club since its inception. New members are welcome and there is a learners intake every year.


Along with its sister club, Kannella Squares, all popular levels of square dancing are catered for – from basic Learners right through to Adv 1 & 2.

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Wild Frontier Club

Every Friday:
Beginners classes-  7.00 PM to 8.00 PM.
Mainstream-               8.00 PM to 10.30 PM.
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072
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Kannella Squares Club

Every Tuesday:
Adv-     7:00 PM to 8.00 PM;
Plus-   8:00 PM to 9.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072
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For more information:

Contact Jeff: phone 08 8263 5023

or contact us on-line by going to our contact page (see ContactUs option on top horizontal menu bar)

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A Royal Visit

On Friday 15th April, Wild Frontier hosted “royalty”; well at least that’s what we in the square dance fraternity consider to be royalty.  Dulcie Matthews and her daughter Sue plus Joan and Ollie Clarke visited our club.  Who?  Dulcie is the widow of Kevin Matthews, a founding member and the 1st president of the SA Square Dance Society.  Joan Clarke (nee Huddleston) is the daughter of Australia’s most famous square dance caller Colin Huddleston.

Joan Jeff and Dolcie C

Joan (wearing Colins hat) Jeff and Dulcie 

Colin became Australia’s most famous caller, because for many years he was on the very popular Reg Lindsay country music TV show.  He was born on May 1st 1914 in Broken Hill NSW and later moved to Iron Knob in South Australia.  His parents died when he was young and he was raised by his grandparents.

In 1927, at age 13, he left home to work at numerous jobs, including boundary rider along a section of South Australia’s dog fence, and as a fettler on the Ghan railway line.  During his travels he became very interested in country music and would entertain around the campfire. He would also travel hundreds of kilometres to attend country music shows, sometimes on a camel.

In 1953 square dancing was taking off in Australia and it caught Colin’s interest, especially when 4500 attended a dance at Centennial Hall in Adelaide; Colin decided to form his own club. In four months he had a large following; his children often provided the backing music on the piano for his calling.  Colin became “the” square dance caller on Adelaide’s Reg Lindsay “Country and Western Show”. He also travelled with Reg teaching people how to Square Dance.

In 1980, illness forced him to reduce his work load and he transitioned into radio, presenting on Adelaide’s 5UV country music program “Colin Huddleston’s Country Hour”.  In 1984 at the South Australian Country Music Festival Awards, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


1983 Colin was inducted into the Hands of Fame Park, Tamworth

Colin was a founding member and Life Member of the S.A. Callers Association & the S.A. Square Dance Society Inc. he also had his hand print laid in concrete in Tamworth in recognition of his contribution to Australian square dancing and country music. His square dance equipment is on show for all to see in Tamworth’s “Australian Country Music Hall of Fame” museum.

hall of fame 2

Tamworth’s Australian Country Music Hall of Fame museum.

Sadly, Colin passed away on July 6th 1988

Click on the link below to see an ABC video featuring Colin (he’s the one with the hat and glasses).  The video also shows some of the “essentials” missing at today’s square dances, a live band and a large number of dancers, many of them in their teens.

During their visit, Dulcie and Joan were reunited with some old friends, notably Jeff and our own Joan Smith (OBN).  Ollie gave a short dissertation about Collins life including details of a visit he and Joan made to Tamworth where they were enthusiastically welcomed by staff at Tamworth’s Hall Of Fame museum.  Jeff presented Joan with one of Colin’s hats once given to him.  Joan and Ollie will take this hat and some of Colin’s other clothes to be displayed in Tamworth’s museum, because, whilst they have some of his equipment, they did not have any of his attire.

Joan Smith Jeff and Dolcie C

Joan, Jeff and Dulcie (this time its Joan Smith OBN)

For those who attended, it was a most pleasant evening, one to remember.  Go take a look at that video; they must have been great times.

Passing the Hat

Collin Huddleston’s hat was given to Jeff following Collin’s death. Jeff gave the hat to Collin’s daughter for use in a museum display at Tamworth.

Photo of old hat

Handover of Collin’s Hat

Clare Weekend Away

This year, Wild Frontier and Kannella Squares held their annual sojourn in Clare on Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April.  The event was well attended and all those I spoke to said they had a great time.

Pat and Carol

Pat and Carol supporting the local vignerons

Unfortunately Helen and I did not attend and it would seem that photos of the event are scarce (well no one sent me any photos or account of the event ) however, a spy did take these photos.

Group photo

Dawn,Guy, Diedre & Sue also supported the local wine growers

Lloyd and Ian

Lloyd and Jeff (the odd one who supports Australian brewers)

I did say everyone I spoke to had a good time, however, the photo below seems to indicate that John is no longer on speaking terms with Ken and neither of them have spoken to me either.

Im not talking to you

Bugger! The end of a great friendship?


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