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 Welcome to Wild Frontier Square

Dance Club

 Adelaide, South Australia



Jeff & Susan Seidel & Wild Frontier’s Committee welcomes members and visitors of all levels and experience for fun filled evenings of square dancing.


Wild Frontier is one of the oldest and most popular square dance clubs in Adelaide, South Australia, and celebrated its 38th birthday in February 2011. Some of the original members still dance each week, Caller, Jeff Seidel has been with the club since its inception. New members are welcome and there is a learners intake every year.


Along with its sister club, Kannella Squares, all popular levels of square dancing are catered for – from basic Learners right through to Adv 1 & 2.

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Wild Frontier Club

Begginners classes are held every year  Thursdays 7.30 PM – 10.00 PM
In the hall next to Kensington Gardens Uniting Church,
29 Brigalow Avenue, Kensington Gardens SA 5068.
Click on the top bar “Learn To Dance” or “Contact Us” for mor information.

Beginners Plus Classes every Friday 7 PM to 8 PM:  followed by Mainstream: 8 PM to 10.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072

Kannella Squares Club

Adv 1st & 2nd: Tuesdays of the month 7:00 PM to 8.00 PM; Plus: Tuesdays 8:00 PM to 9.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072



  Mainstream Graduation Class March 2010 (click on image to enlarge)

For more information:

Contact Jeff: phone 08 8263 5023

or contact us on-line by going to our contact page (see ContactUs option on top horizontal menu bar)

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Our Annual Dance at The Old Mill

Old Mill C

The Old Mill Hahndorf

On Tuesday 18th November, 10 squares (81 people to be precise) descended upon the Old Mill, Hahndorf to participate in Wild Frontier’s traditional feasting and dancing activities, a precursor to upcoming Christmas festivities.

We arrived half an hour prior to the advertised start date to find many of our friends already there. In fact we joined quite a large contingent in the car park and had a good gas bag prior to actually entering the inn.


Our reserved seating area soon filled to capacity with our dancers and couples from every other SA square dance club. Soon the bain-marie’s were filled with piping hot self serve delicacies and the cold collations were in place. Without hesitation our dancers and a large group of Japanese and other tourists got stuck in, this was heaven, food glorious food.


They had the usual roasts, plus Italian, Chinese and Indian options and of course the fish chips wedges etc. There was also a good selection of cold serves, cold meats, mussels, salads, pastas, rice dishes olives, etc. The sweet tooths had so many options from which to choose, the hot strudel, and crumble with optional custard, cream or ice cream or the pavlovas, cakes, flans, jellies and fruit etc. Even the self serve ice cream came in many flavours with many toppings and sprinkles.


What a surprise it was when two squares actually managed to struggle onto the floor for the first dance. After a couple of tips, when the feasting had subsided to nibbles, more dancers had a go. But I did observe that 5 squares on the floor seemed to be the maximum, the other 50% were quite content to sit chat eat and drink throughout the night.



Darryl swooning to the dulcet tones of Jeff’s singing call

Luckily the ambient noise level combined with Jeff’s PA drowned out the gurgles burps and glugging sounds that were no doubt emanating from the dancers stomaches. We sat at table 13,a lucky number for some, because we won the door prize and two of the raffle prizess!



Yes Jeff, I’ll bugger of after I take this photo!

What a wonderful decadent night, I cant wati for it to be repeated again next year. Everyone had a great time, well done, Jeff and the Wild Frontier / Kannella Square committees and thank you also, John and Peter for pitching in with the calling.

What’s On This Christmas Period?

Check out the Wild Frontier advertisement below. The first half of out traditional Christmas break up dance will primarily cater for the children, there will be activities to amuse them, some dancing (a real favourite is the birdie dance), then Father Christmas will hand out a small gift to each child followed by a kids only supper. If you plan to bring your child or grandchild, we need to know their names so Santa can call them up so, either tell us at the next dance or use the contact form on this website.

For Kannella Squares, their break up dance will be on Tuesday 16th December 2015, resuming on Tuesday 20th January 2015.

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What's On Over Xmas

Mick & Paulines Barn Dance


On Saturday 4th October, well over 60 dancers attended a square dance held in Mick and Pauline’s large shed on their small holding at Bugle Range about 10 kilometres outside Mount Barker.

Mick and Pauline did some great cooking, they provide lovely and continuous wood oven Pizzas for entrée, they just kept coming, Mick also BBQ’d some beautiful tender hogget from a local farm, with some roast spuds and cauliflower cheese, he also provided a nice wood fire to keep us all warm, mind you it was no where near as cold as the dance held there a couple of years ago.

Pizza in Ovenc

The ceremonial Pizza oven (shrine) on Mick’s deck at the rear of his house

Mick & Pizzac

Mick the master Pizza man who also built the shrine

Rudy & Pizzac

Micks mate Rudy at the shrine with a ceremonial offering

Pizza Cuttingc

Ceremonial cutting of the ceremonial offerings for the pilgrims

Foodies 2C

Pilgrims queuing for the ceremonial offerings

Whilst the Pizza’s were being served, the salads were put out to complement the main course, however, the seagulls couldn’t wait and got stuck into them before the BBQ was served, hence we ran out. Unfortunately no bread and butter was provided (seagulls like bread) so quite a few just had meat and perhaps a spud to eat. Mind you there were loads and loads of desserts for all our sweet tooths, so much so that they could not empty the table (first time).


Pilgrims eating ceremonial offerings washed down with ceremonial fluids

After the 1st post BBQ tip, we were all called back to the tables loaded with the calories including a large birthday cake for Joan, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday. We all sang happy birthday and hugged and kissed her (she appeared to rather relish all the hugs and kisses). Wow, 90 and still dancing, reminds me of Colin, I doubt I will still be on my pins at that age, more likely I will have gone up in smoke well before that.

Dancers 2c

After food they danced

Dancers 1C

The floor soon filled

Full Housec

Some dancers could only find space outside the barn

Whilst I only did one dance tip, the square we were in had top dancers and I really enjoyed the dancing, the atmosphere is what makes dancing in a shed or barn so enjoyable, this was the way square dances were held in rural Australia’s and America’s past (children amusing themselves were the missing ingredient) . We need much more of this originality. I am sure there must be other square dancing in a barn, we once danced in a boat shed at Manum, again a great atmosphere, especially when a paddle steamer was moored next to the shed (importantly, the paddle steamed contained many square dancers). Sadly the traditional Speewa Easter Hoedown, danced in “The Barn”, is no more.

Unfortunately I had to leave early but everyone was having a great time when Helen and I were departing (perhaps that’s why they had smiles on their faces at last I was going home).

I am sure they did finish all the calories on the table during supper break after more dancing

Congratulations on some great calling from Jeff, Ian and John. Let’s do more of this!

Berri Weekend Away 2015

Weekend Away 2015 Berri