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 Welcome to Wild Frontier Square

Dance Club

 Adelaide, South Australia



Jeff & Susan Seidel & Wild Frontier’s Committee welcomes members and visitors of all levels and experience for fun filled evenings of square dancing.


Wild Frontier is one of the oldest and most popular square dance clubs in Adelaide, South Australia, and celebrated its 38th birthday in February 2011. Some of the original members still dance each week, Caller, Jeff Seidel has been with the club since its inception. New members are welcome and there is a learners intake every year.


Along with its sister club, Kannella Squares, all popular levels of square dancing are catered for – from basic Learners right through to Adv 1 & 2.

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Wild Frontier Club

Begginners classes are held every year  Thursdays 7.30 PM – 10.00 PM
In the hall next to Kensington Gardens Uniting Church,
29 Brigalow Avenue, Kensington Gardens SA 5068.
Click on the top bar “Learn To Dance” or “Contact Us” for mor information.

Beginners Plus Classes every Friday 7 PM to 8 PM:  followed by Mainstream: 8 PM to 10.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072

Kannella Squares Club

Adv 1st & 2nd: Tuesdays of the month 7:00 PM to 8.00 PM; Plus: Tuesdays 8:00 PM to 9.30 PM
In the hall Adjacent Morialta Uniting Church, Chapel Street, Magill, SA 5072



  Mainstream Graduation Class March 2010 (click on image to enlarge)

For more information:

Contact Jeff: phone 08 8263 5023

or contact us on-line by going to our contact page (see ContactUs option on top horizontal menu bar)

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Kanella Squares National Convention Trail In Dance


Richard Muir from WA will be joining us!

This dance is particularly suitable for the seasoned square dancer.  Please contact Jeff for more information either by phone or through the “Contact Us” tab (top bar).

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Convention Trail In 2

Wild Frontier’s Birthday Bash

Don’t miss out, put this one in your diary!

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WF 42nd Birthday Advert

Wild Frontier New Years Eve Dance

Wild Frontier closed out 2014 with the traditional new years eve square dance at Brigalow Avenue. Caller Jeff Seidel catered for learners, mainstream and plus, along with guest callers Peter Scott and Ian Rutter.

Attendance was up from last year and the lovely balmy weather meant that conditions were perfect for both outdoor dining and indoor dancing.

A good night was had by all. A fitting end to 2014.

Mainstream restarts on Friday 16th January 2015.

Outdoor Eating

Snacking under the stars

Dancers socializing outside

Outdoor Dining

Square Dancers

Jeff calling Plus

Square Dancers

Plus Dancing at Wild Frontier

Wild Frontier’s 2014 Christmas Dance

Pic 3

Doesn’t time fly, it seems like only yesterday that Santa visited Wild Frontier in 2013, and here I am writing about our 2014 Xmas dance and its nearly 2015.

Pic 4

Our traditional Xmas dance was held on Friday 19th December at our Chapel Street venue.  The venue was nicely decorated with purple veils large coloured baubles and twinkling lights.  Manikin angels were hanging amongst the veils, a bit disconcerting to me as I have been watching a program about medieval England where hangings, gibbets and beheadings frequently occur.   The committee did a great job setting up an activities area for the children behind Jeff’s podium, lots of stickers, paper, colouring books etc so that our hyperactive visitors had something to occupy their minds when they were not dancing meeting Santa or eating.

Pic 2

This year the number of children attending was below the usual number, I noted that there were many gift bags with names on them but no children arrived to collect them.  When confirming that a child will attend, please do your best to bring them along.  I know, I know, grandparents have to respect the last minute wishes of their children who, these days get stressed out  at this time of the year, we cant always get our grand children when we want them  (mind you we do seem to get them when our kids want to do something without them).

Pic 7

The children who did attend certainly let their hair down and had a great time playing and dancing, they all got on well as a group, no tantrums or squabbles.  They all especially loved the birdie dance, a pity Jeff didn’t put on Nutbush City Limits for a Madison, great for the grown ups too, other than some of us crumblies).

Pic 1

Pic 6

Pic 8

They also had a great time playing hunt the chocolate frogs that Jenny had hidden in the entry foyer.  Mind you my granddaughter Anneleh remembered what her mummy had told her, when after the frog hunting episode, Robert came up to her and pointing towards the door said “come with me and see what I can show you”, perfectly harmless, he had found one left over chocolate frog, but she said “no”.  However seeing no one else was alarmed she soon went off with him, returning with another frog for her collection.

At the appointed time Santa arrived with his helper.  Actually he arrived a bit after the appointed time, but, the kids did behave themselves whilst waiting, sitting in front of Santa’s chair postulating that he may have bought a Jeep.

Pic 9

Pic 9a

Pic 10

Santa did a very good job chatting with each child, some were very shy but one little girl certainly appeared to put him in his place.

Pic 11Pic 12Pic 18Pic 14Pic 15Pic 13Pic 16Pic 17

Pic 19

BUT !!!!! Will Santa be well enough to return next year?

After Santa, the children had their own supper which Heather and her helpers had set up in the foyer.  Quite a big spread, enough for twice as many, so they did not manage to eat it all (remember those uncollected gift bags?) however they gave it a good go, assisted by some of the grown ups.

Pic 21

Pic 20

It was then time for the grown ups to have their fun.  The dance floor filled and quare dancing resumed followed by supper, the Monte Carlo and a few closing squares.  Another thought for next year, do the Military Two Step with the kids?

Pic 23

Pic 5

Pic 22

All in all everyone had a great night, good fun, good food and good company.  Well done Jeff and the committee!  Lets do the same next year and lets bring more children along (we could invite our landlords kids?).