Wallaroo Weekend

Wild Frontier and Kannella Squares enjoyed a weekend of dancing at Wallaroo and were joined by Peter Scott (Scotty) and some of the dancers from his Kadina Club. Many of the dancers ate at the Prince Edward Hotel before the Friday night dance. Friday night dancing in casual clothes was free at the Wallaroo Town […]

More photos of Jeff’s 50th

Thank you Deirdre for taking the following photos:

Our Golden Boys – 50 Year Celebration Dance

On Saturday 11th June 2016, Wild Frontier and Kanella Squares celebrated Jeff’s 50 years of square dance calling.  Poor old sod, life has certainly worn him down, not long now for his first Zimmer frame.  I hope the club is flush with money, his next gift will have to be a mobility scooter and they […]

Wild Frontier 43rd Birthday Dance Part 2

For those who like photos here’s a few more photos from Wild Frontier’s 43rd Birthday Dance.