Wild Frontier Diary Dates

Wild Frontier reopens after being closed for a couple of weeks during the National Convention on Friday 15th July 2016. Hope to see you there from 7pm for Learners. Mainstream 8pm Hot Soup Night with Scootback Squares on Friday 22nd July 2016 from 7pm for Learners. Mainstream 8pm Kannella Squares have an A and Plus […]

Passing the Hat

Collin Huddleston’s hat was given to Jeff following Collin’s death. Jeff gave the hat to Collin’s daughter for use in a museum display at Tamworth.

Come Celebrate Jeff’s 50th !

No that’s not his age, that’s how long he has been calling. ¬†This means he must like many of us be a REALLY¬†old fart!

May Dinner