Do We Have A Potential SA Minister For Square Dancing?

Square dance?  Of course I can! (as usual click on all images to enlarge, click again to make even bigger) On Saturday 30th January Wild Frontier Square Dance Club Inc were invited to demonstrate square dancing at the Northpark Shopping Centre Main North Road Prospect.  On arrival our dancers found they were part of a […]

2009 New Years Eve Dance

This year 31st December was in a single paraphrase “bloody hot”.  With temperatures approaching 40C we wondered how we would survive the night.  The heat must have affected Rogers memory (it had nothing to do with his age) we got half way to the venue before we realised we had left all the poppers and […]

Wild Frontier Demo Dance

Owing to computer problems, this post is a trifle late.  As usual click on the pictures to enlarge. On Tuesday 1st Dec, we gave a square dance demonstration to the residents of Resthaven Aged Care Centre, 10, Township Road, Marion.  Roma Matthews, Helen’s mother had been requesting this for over a year and we were […]