October Newsletters

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Harry & Pauline’s Visit To China

Pauline & Harry Harry and Pauline have been members of Wild Frontier for many years.  The reason we have not seen them on the dance floor as frequently as in the past is because Harry (like so many other square dancers) has been fighting cancer for some time now. He and Pauline are now off […]

Jeff’s Newsletter

Take a look at the top bar, we have added a new link on the far right; this will take you to an electronic version of Jeff’s monthly printed news letter.  Click on “Jeff’s September 2010 News Letter” on the top bar to see what’s planned for the future.  We will update this page each […]

Square Dancing Has Many Health Benefits

Square dancing has many health benefits.  Click on Dance for Health on the top horizontal bar, or click on the following link which will take you to our health benefits page. http://wildfrontiersquaredanceclubinc.com/health/