Below is a message from Pauline; if you want to send them a card or drop them a line, their address is: HARRY & PAULINE OTTAWAY GUANGZHOU   FRIENDSHIP   YOUHAO   HOSPITAL, SPDT ONCOLOGY   CENTRE, ROOM 327, 3f /  No. 102  DA  YUAN  NAN, SHA  TAI  ROAD, GUANGZHOU  CITY, POST  CODE :  510540 P. R. CHINA “Harry has started […]

2010 Christmas Dinner

Our Venue – The Old Mill in Hahndorf On the evening of Tuesday 23rd November, 96 square dancers descended on the Old Mill Inn at Hahndorf determined to have a good time.  This was the clubs traditional end of year Christmas dinner dance (a timely reminder that it’s here again and if you have not […]

Wild Frontier’s L to P Party Dance

Our learners are now off their L (learners) plates and have moved on to their P (provisional / we’re getting there) plates, having virtually completed the first 50 calls of the mainstream list.  Originally this was called the Basic square dance proficiency level and many dances were once held where calls were limited to the […]

Jeff & Jenny’s News Letters

Don’t blame me for the late latest news.  I was waiting on a certain caller to give me the information.  There may not be any December update.  Please go to the top bar far right and click to find ourt what’s on, when we are closing and when we are opening next year. Now I […]