Our Dancers Spotted At The Darwin Convention

The 52nd National Square Dance Convention was held in Darwin over 5 days from June9th to June 13th .  The event was given the thumbs up by all who attended.  Wild Frontier and Kanella Squares clubs were represented in the dress set parade when our dancers combined with four from Adelaide Outlaws.   The Combined […]

Club Closure Dates

Wild Frontier and Kannella Squares will be closed to accommodate inter-club visits and Jeff’s New Zealand sojourn.  Please click on the image below to enlarge / make clearer.

Wild Frontier & Kanella Squares in Alice Springs

Many of our club members are heading north to the National Square Dance Convention in Darwin.  A recent TAWS gathering in Alice Springs attracted many of our club members, for more about this event click on the following link: http://squaredancemagazine.com/square-dance/taws-alice-springs-meet-n-greet