A Successful Charity Night For Camp Quality

Click on the pictures to enlarge, click again to make even bigger  The joint was jumping on Saturday night, May 19, when the SA Police Dixieland Jazz Band hit the stage to warm up over 250 people gathered in the ballroom.  Tables and booths decked with candles and nibbles were filled with an excited audience […]

Come Inside Out Of The Cold

Important June dates for Wild Frontier:

You Can Still Dance Here In June  While Jeff is away for the National Convention in Hobart, we will be closed on Friday nights. HOWEVER, Thursday nights will still be continuing with Kevin & Roger working their magic and everyone is most welcome to join them at the Brigalow Ave Hall. See below for date […]

The Very Last Speewa Easter Hoedown

I missed Wild Frontier’s Easter Dance because Helen and I went over to Speewa near Swan Hill, to participate in an historic event; the last dance in “The Barn”.  The Speewa Country Square Dance Club has held an Easter dance in “The Barn” for the last 45 years under the direction of Des Devereaux in […]