Farewell Makala

Friday night was probably the last night that Makala will be dancing at Wild Frontier for a while. Next Friday she has her final nursing exam and then she heads back to Oklahoma the following day. We have enjoyed having Makala visit and dance with us, and going by the constant smile on her face […]

Friday 16th November 2012

The Wild Frontier Friday night dance has been brought forward to Thursday 15th November and will be held at Brigalow Ave instead. There will be NO dancing at Chapel Street on the Friday night because the church requires the hall for their fete.

A Birthday Blockbuster

The committee is working hard to make Wild frontiers 40th Birthday party a real blockbuster.  They have selected great callers and a great venue.  Come along and enjoy.  If you want to go to the callers workshop, email Jeff as per the advertisement below or contact him using the top menu bar of the front […]