Those who attended our New Years Eve Dance had a great time dancing from 2010 into 2011.  We had about 50 dancers assemble at our learners hall in Brigalow Avenue, a mixed bunch of proficiency from “P Plates” through to some of Kannella’s  “C” dancers.


Daryl our professional photographer
(poor bloke never gets much chance to have his picture taken)

The 31st was a very hot day and many people stayed at home to escape what they thought would be a hot night; but, those who made it were pleasantly surprised to find temperatures dropped and it was a magnificent night, lovely sitting outside on the lawn, sipping the occasional cold beer white wine or whatever, (with the usual cheese, olives, dips, snacks etc).  It could have been a lovely refined Mediterranean outdoor gathering, had it not been for the raucous nature of those there having a good time.


The weather was perfect for outdoor indulgence


There was a lot of indulgence.

Conditions inside the hall were pleasant enough for dancing.  Everyone was in a good mood.  We danced, stopped, went outside for refreshment and returned for the next tip. As the night wore on and the refreshments continued, and continued and more refreshments were necessary, I found Jeff was making a lot of mistakes which tended to break down our square into giggles and laughter.


There was a lot of laughter on the floor


Dancers had a great time


Ian as usual gave a great call a nice clear, lovely voice.

 We had 6 visitors from the Melbourne square and round dance club, Chemistry Sets based in the Melbourne suburb of Deer Park,  Ralph Weise their caller brought his family along, his wife , Lyn (the club BOSS) and his son Adrian (who calls rounds at their club) Gail, Clive and Pat completed up the delegation.


Chemistry Set Dancers with Jeff. 
From left to right Pat, Adrian, Lyn, Clive, Jeff, Gail and Ralph

They were a happy mob, determined to have a fun time and enjoy their visit to Adelaide. Ralph (Baby) did some great calling and certainly stirred up any set he danced with (another Mal Parrington – we had two on the same night).


They were a great mob, (Clive is a live wire – another Lloyd)

Eventually the clock struck 12.00 and we all combined for a rowdy session of Auld Lang Syne, followed by all the men hugging and kissing all the women (or was it the other way round?).

A great night, great venue, great company, great atmosphere!  Well done Jeff and the committee, let’s do it again next year!

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