Ruth Galpin

Helen and I heard Ruth was having another round of treatment for her cancer and so we visited her for a chat to see how she was getting on.

Ruth has not danced at Wild Frontier for a while now because she had a bit of a relapse and had to have chemotherapy.  She was beginning to recover from that treatment, her hair was regrowing and things, seemed to be going well when, before she had time to dance with us, she had yet another relapse.  Hence poor Ruth is now going through the same chemotherapy process yet again.

She said she would love to come back and dance with Wild Frontier; she said she particularly likes Jeff’s calling and his choice of music, but she doubts she will be strong enough for at least another 6 months.

Ruth, everyone at Wild Frontier sincerely wishes you all the best and a successful outcome for this round of treatment.  We know the side effects of chemo often seem worse than the cancer it is used to combat; just keep your chin up.  There will always be a place for you on our floor (at our new venue), we will see you when you get better.

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