The 34th State Square Dance Convention

Wild Frontier Outlaws combined dress setKanella Dress Set

A big thankyou to all club members who attended the 34th State Square Dance Convention held at the William Light School over three days Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August, especially those who also worked as convention committee members.

Although there were few dress sets, their quality was excellent.  Kanella Squares was represented and there was a combined dress set from Wild Frontier and Adelaide Outlaws, many dancers in that set being members of both clubs.

Whilst on Saturday night there were about 12 squares up with many people sitting out, Sunday had a few less.  The afternoon dances / workshops were excellent but unfortunately not as well attended.  If you wish to improve your dance standards, I suggest next year you make every effort to attend these events.

That reminds me if you want to brush up on your mainstream, come along to our Thursday learner’s classes at 7:30 PM.  Our dancers have advanced well into the mainstream program; you may find it a bit of a work out.

Back to the convention; the level of calling was of a high order, Richard Muir really challenged the capabilities of our dancers.  Jeff, and our all time champion Colin Hudson ably supported Richard, with Graham Elliot and Les Tulloch pitching in to give us a varied and colourful dance/program.

Godfather Jeff

The black and white theme for the Sunday evening dance was well supported. Jeff wore a black shirt and white tie.  He looked more like the Godfather or a hit man than a square dance caller, thank goodness he didn’t spill his pie and sauce down that pristine tie.

Once again congratulations to all those involved.

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