Aussie Day Dance

Our Aussie Day Dance on Fri 28th January was the last Friday our mainstream dancers danced in the Chapel Street Venue prior to moving to Beulah Park.  In future Chapel Street will be used on Tuesday’s for Advanced and Plus with our Plus Learners and Mainstream dancers using the Clayton Wesley Lecture Hall on the corner of Portrush Road and The Parade.

Joan, Stephen, Krystine & Gerry

A good photo of Dawn (and I took it)

We had six or seven squares on the floor which meant, it was a rather squeezy night.  The club supplemented the supper table with pies, sauce and pea soup so the purists could have their South Australian speciality – a pie floater.

It was nice to see Axel on the floor again.

Great that Lara Mareike also returned
(Sandy is standing to attention  for the Aussie flag).

Many of our dancers dressed for a fun night and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Theme Dancers (they thought the theme was Aussie cricket)

Well done the committee for organizing a successful event.

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