Antique Firearms & Wild Frontier Square Dancers

It was a night for our Wild Frontier dancers and visitors to experience the new Beulah Park venue where the SA Antique Firearms Society were also having a meeting.  So there were a lot of Wild Frontier dancers (some are antique) and a lot of guns in the same complex (a rednecks paradise?).

It was pleasing to see more than 80 square dancers drop in, no doubt curious to see what the place was like.  Unbeknown to them, club members were allowed to dance for $2.00 per person.  We also offered another bargain, club membership at half price (because we are half way through the year).  No doubt some dancers did the sums and immediately joined to take advantage of the discount.  For most tips we had 7 squares up (I do believe we managed 8 squares on one occasion) with at least 3 squares sitting out chatting inside and outside the venue.


Our Plus Learners / Workshop Prior to 8:00 PM Mainstream

Many dancers gave a big plus for the wooden floor even though we have yet to fix a couple of defects.  Unfortunately it was hot and humid in the hall so dancers ducked outside between tips to cool off as the temperature rapidly dropped due to cold air from the Antarctic pushing the humid air from cyclone Yasi into the outback (which became very wet).  Even if the hall had been equipped with evaporative cooling (as per Outlaws of our other hall at Chapel Street), conditions on the dance floor would have remained much the same with the extra moisture pushed in by the evaporative unit.

Club membership now stands at 86 members and Helen went round putting stickers on the badges of our club members.  She handed out 67 stickers which means we had 77.907% of our club members on the floor (that .907% person was missing a few bits but managed to keep up OK)

We had a magnificent supper, we had trouble finding room for the food in the kitchen even though it is of considerable size (we just love Heather’s scones jam and whipped cream).  The night wound up with a knockout  ### and a couple of tips including a call from April.

A number of dancers were keen to try out the Spire Café which is open every Friday from 5.30 PM, except on the first Friday of the month when as on our opening night, that part of the building is occupied by the SA Antique Firearms Society.

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