Japanese Earthquake Disaster

Ed.  We received this message from our square dance friends in Japan.  Whilst the English is broken, the message is very clear.

Thank you for worry about us.We lived in middl of Japan. The earthquakes were northeast of Japan.it’s magnitude 9,seismic intensity7.8, it’s was biggest in the world.still having the aftershocks.few JR line’s train couldn’t contact(the line are along the coast) some one said  “they were saved”but I’m not sure now,becouse news paper,TV doesn’t say.one of coast found 200~300 dead people,they had tsunami.

(the biggest one was 10meters more) fire houses,complexs,explosion a gas tank,many many people gone ,houses  cars too.it’s almost couse

tsunami .domestic sightseeing people were missing(2500people now). 50students had isolated in ship,many people too,(each high building’s roof or undergraund, broken houses,and etc ).nuclearpower had damaged and leaked radioactivity.disaster area is so cold,some times have snowing.

Northeast area as horrible sight as hell. news said that “might be death people 10,000 more” We are so worry about to suffers. we have to think of what we could do? we appreciation to you for considerate of us. thank you again.

see you      Kiichi & Ryoko

Ed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors of this disaster.

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