Wild Frontier’s Graduation Dance 2011

WE DID IT  !!!!!!!!!!!! 

A GREAT night at a GREAT venue 

On Thursday 7th April, we all gathered in the Burnside Heritage Ballroom to celebrate the success of our 19 new dancers.  Well let’s say near success, as I pointed out we did have to book the ballroom a long time in advance.  Our dancers are almost there, however they had only experienced recycle and spin chain thru on the previous Thursday, hence Thursday night workshops will continue so they can polish up and get more confidence.

We had a BIG raffle to celebrate 

 As I pointed out to all the dancers on the night, they were the guests of the learners’ class, because the whole event (hall hire food wine etc.) was funded from raffle money raised at Thursday nights Brigalow Avenue learners’ classes.  So as guests I asked for their indulgence and to help our learners through the night


And in the true spirit of square dancing, we had a hell of a ball (in an appropriately named room).  Everyone appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  Our new dancers did not disgrace themselves they danced very well (some of the supposedly “experienced” dancers need to come along on Thursday nights to brush up).  The dancers demolished the wine and nibbles, and then moved on to a supper table which they failed to empty.

  A great floor to dance on!

We had 7 squares up for most of the night with one square and some visitors sitting out in the alcoves to the perimeter of the dance floor.  On the last dance one square danced on the upper floor, the acoustics were excellent throughout the ballroom at all levels; it would be possible to accommodate 6 squares at the upper level and squeeze in 18 on the dance floor, so we had oodles of room (wouldn’t it be great if we could get 24 squares together – that’s nearly 200 dancers).

  Jan Stephens from SASDS


Well done George 

Well done Leonie

  Well done Wendy

Jan Stephens from SASDS presented each dancer with a complimentary information pack and free admission to one of the SASDS dances.  Jeff and Jenny presented each new dancer with a Wild Frontier Square Dance Folder, containing their graduation certificate, letter of congratulation and complimentary club membership card, valid until the start of the clubs new calendar year on 1st September, 2011.  So from now on our new graduates will receive the benefits associated with club membership.

 Watch the birdie !

Class of 2010 – 2011 

We had rather a large raffle (20 prizes) so a lot of dancers got lucky that night.  Congratulations to all involved, some great calling from Jeff, thankyou to everyone who helped to organize the event and who helped set up and clear away afterwards.  Thankyou Darryl for taking photos.  Poor Lois was exhausted after doing some walking earlier in the day and then working in the kitchen that night (I guess it was bush walking because she sure was bushed by the end of the night).

We also took a few miscellaneous photos below:-

  Four thorns no roses

A thorn between two roses

A good caller looks up to his/her dancers


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