Jenny sent me the following information about Wild Frontiers Easter Anzac dance and a demo our dancers did for the SA Folk Centre’s  World Day of Dance.  I am sorry, the photos she gave me are a bit fuzzy.

Easter / ANZAC BBQ The BBQ was a great success, all patties & sausages were gluten free and well cooked by Graham, April & Alan.  The main meal was finished off nicely with Tea & Coffee accompanied by chocolate eggs & ANZAC biscuits.  We then had 5 squares on the floor most of the night, although there were more than enough people for 6.  The hall was decorated with both ANZAC & Easter themes.

The International Day of Dance

Once again Wild Frontier was involved in the International Day of Dance at the Folk Centre, Thebarton.  We had 2 sets of experienced dancers showing the spectators what square dancing is all about and then we invited people to “have a go”.  We had enough people then to make 4 sets and Jeff gave them an introduction to some basic square dance movements.

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