Our Dancers Attending Speewa 2011

While Wild Frontier dancers in Adelaide celebrated Anzac Day and were busy at the World day of dance , it must have been quieter on the floor because the club was extremely well represented at the Speewa Easter Hoedown (Des Devereux’s Barn, just outside Swan Hill, Victoria).  Wild Frontier and Kanella Squares fielded 14 dancers.  Wild Frontier dancers were Heather & Tony, Maryka & Stephen, Jean & Alan, Sandy & Chris, Irene & Blythe, Helen & Roger.  Kanella Squares were represented by Janine and Ivan.  With other clubs there were 25 dancers from SA, nearly  one quarter of the dancers that attended.

Peter Humphries was the principle caller.  It was also nice to see the Weiss clan; Ralphy Baby and Co who joined us at our 2011 New Years Eve dance.  Ivan was one of many guest callers at the event.

Stephen and Maryka have just entered the world of caravanning, so I took a few secret photos of them erecting their awning for the first time.  Their Victorian neighbours Paul & Bev took pity on them and helped them complete the job.

Stephen are you sure you packed all the bits?

This is like a jigsaw puzzle except we have no picture to guide us

Many hands make light work AND I THINK I’VE FOUND THE SWITCH !

Next Easter will be the last Speewa Easter hoedown.   Des has held the event for 45 consecutive years and is starting to feel the strain.  So if you want to experience a good old fashioned Aussie county style square dance, next Easter will be your last chance.  For the story  and more pictures about this years dance or to register your interest in next year’s event, click on the following web address:                   http://squaredancemagazine.com/square-dance/2011-speewa-easter-hoedown-part-one


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