Christmas At Hahndorf

On Tuesday 22nd November over 100 dancers from Wild Frontier and Kanella Squares combined for our annual Christmas Dance.  Our venue was at the tried and trusted Old Mill, Hahndorf and as usual they did not let us down, the smorgasbord was magnificent an extensive array of food for every taste.  Wow some of our dancers did justice to the offerings.  I don’t know where some of them managed to put the food, talk about hollow legs. 


A great venue great calls (click on images to enlarge)

We had entrees, cold cuts, salads, Indian, Chinese and Roasts, followed by fresh fruit, fruit salad, cakes, pavlova’s, strudels, fruit crumbles, custard, cream and a choice of ice creams.  It’s a wonder they managed to dance afterwards. Click on the (brown text) link next to see a short video of our dancers: Wild Fronter SA Christmas Party

After the meal some just chatted (with some wine) while others danced

It was nice to see many old faces at the dance and great to see many of our newer faces too.  Jeff made some great calls with tips suited to everyone’s ability and dance level.  Some great raffle prizes, everyone had a good time.

 Eventually Jenny our president had to pay for the meal

Let’s do it again next year!!!

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