Spooky Friday Dance

Spooky Things Were Happening At Brigalow Avenue

Yes it was our 1st Friday dance night in 2012, it was Friday January the 13th, this time held at our Brigalow Avenue hall, because they are repairing our usual venue at Chapel Street. 

  It was Friday the 13th at square dance.
  A black cat created a fuss.
  I’m not superstitious, but this might,
 explain why I’m failing at plus.


  By chance I walked under a ladder
  Jeff Seidel had placed by the wall.
  At home my umbrella popped open,
  and that’s why I tripped up in the hall.

  The salt spilled this morning at breakfast.
  While walking I stepped on a crack.
  I took off my shoes on the table,
  It looks like my future is black.

  This evening I busted a mirror
  which means that the next seven years
  are due to be filled with misfortune,
  catastrophes, mishaps and tears.

  With all the bad luck I’m confronting,
  it seems that I’m probably cursed.
  If I don’t get the hang of this dancing,
  next Tuesday will likely be worse.

      Look Who’s Standing on Barry’s Head?          A modified version of a -Kenn Nesbitt Poem

 The committee had done a great job decorating the venue and many attended wearing costumes to match the theme, there was a virtual sea of black interspersed with some red.


 The Three (Black) Musketeers

Heather And Tony Wearing The Other Colour – Red

This Proves Our President Jenny Is A Catty Person

We Suppose His Mother Loved Him?

This Poor Bloke Needs A Feed

We started off with the usual hour of plus, which revealed many of us “casual plus dancers” had forgotten the calls.  After that we settled down to some good Mainstream calling from Jeff, with a couple of variations which had us all confused for a while.

Yes He Can Still Square Dance Better Than Most !

Colin finally made it down to Brigalow, he broke down on the freeway whilst trying to get to our New Years Eve Dance, so we all wished him a belated Happy 94th Birthday (usually celebrated on 31st Dec).

As is usual this time of year, our numbers were a bit down; we had 4 sets up all night with the usual additional set sitting out “flapping their gums”.  Supper was great and everyone seemed to enjoy the event, and the venue.

Brigalow is a very nice venue.  If you have never been there before, come along next Friday 20th and try it out !

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