A Visit From All About Squares

We had a great night on Friday 3rd February. Andrea, her husband Jeff and their young son James from All About Squares in Mount Gambier dropped in to say hello. Our dancers (6 squares) were enthusiastic in their appreciation of Andrea’s melodic singing calls.

Jeff & Andrea 

For Andrea’s last tip after supper we only managed 3 & 7/8th squares, so Jeff had to dance as my right hand partner (the ladies position). My shout of “come on down sweetheart”, persuaded him join our square, but after the first call, he suddenly did a half sashay and did a gender swap with yours truly forced into the sweetheart spot. Slide through and star through takes a bit of getting used to and I had to tell the blokes not to twirl me because that made me giddy and my trousers were too tight for skirt work when promenading.

The Dancing Was Rather Brisk

It Became Brisker (Especially Andrea’s First Call).

All About Squares will celebrate their 4th birthday on Fri 30th March and Sat 31st March. Both nights will dance at mainstream level, the second night will include a spit roast dinner, which I understand has gained a big reputation amongst attendees. One drawback, you wont get away from Jeff’s calling, he too likes a good spit roast and will be attending the function.

I wish I could make it to their birthday bash, but will be in Victoria. If you want to go along or find out more about the event, please call Andrea on 0417 509 144


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