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Saturday 18th February saw a great crowd assemble to celebrate Wild Frontier’s 39th Birthday.  We had 10 squares up and dancing with another square or so sitting out.  It was very satisfying to see a full dance floor. Stilnox price,

A great Turnout

The night commenced with free wine champagne and nibbles which appeared to be appreciated by all.  I was certainly run off my feet at the bar.  We had some interesting experiences trying to open the non alcoholic wine, many of the bottles had permanently sealed non-negotiable corks (why they drink that stuff when we had some great wine and champagne on offer beats me).  Many of the muscle “here give that to me” men burst a blood vessel or two trying in vain to open the stuff, real brand Stilnox online. Herbal Stilnox, Mel Wilkersen was our guest caller for the night.  Canadian born Mel , now hails from Tumut in NSW where he lives with his Australian wife Helen.  Tumut is about a 100 km drive east of Wagga Wagga and about the same as the crow flies west of Canberra (but the drive to Canberra is about 200 kilometres around a few state forests and a national park), australia, uk, us, usa. Where can i cheapest Stilnox online,


Mel & Jeff calling (Whilst Sandy slaves away in the kitchen)

We were lucky to have such good callers for the night.  Jeff opened and then let Mel have his say.  This was followed by  Les Tulloch from  Sunset Twirlers and Graham Elliot from Adelaide Outlaws who also gave us great calls.

We drew our clubs special raffle in aide of Camp Quality, online buy Stilnox without a prescription, Ordering Stilnox online, our charity for 2012.  Lloyd (really Dawn) won the prize.  Thank you all who had a flutter for this worthy cause, we raised a further $150.11, Stilnox forum, No prescription Stilnox online, which now resides in our Charity Fund coffers.

Darryl our “Top Shot Photography “ expert & square dancer (note I did not say expert square dancer – sorry Darryl) undertook a mammoth task photographing everyone as a group, then separately photographing the Wild Frontier Kannella Squares mob.  I must say he looked funny waving his arms about trying to direct the traffic  jam (now you know how a caller must feel).  I did notice 4 or 5 camera shy people who did not participate.  Did these people have Police records?  Were they illegal immigrants?  Who knows, Stilnox For Sale.


This is sneaky Darryl at work.

The good news is that the pictures are magnificent, purchase Stilnox, Stilnox treatment, they have turned out well and are available for purchase from Darryl’s business Top shot Photography.  A large A4 size photo (approx 30 x 20 cm or for you antiques  12” x 8”) is a bargain at only $22.00 and can be supplied framed behind glass for a further $8.00.  Please buy these photos as a keepsake because our charity receives a donation from Top Shot for each photo sold (Top Shot are a sponsor of this major event).  You can get in touch with Darryl via his website at


This gives you some idea of the group photo – it’s not worth copying

Whilst on that subject, Helen and Senga were selling tickets for our cabaret Charity Night on 19th May, where can i buy cheapest Stilnox online, Buy cheap Stilnox, featuring the fabulous SA Police Dixieland Jazz Band – we have limited spaces available so you will need to hop in quick to avoid disappointment.  To make a booking, see Helen or phone her on 8357 5094 or email me by using the contact us form, Stilnox recreational, Stilnox pictures, accessible from the top bar on the front page of this website  – we accept Master Card or Visa.

Senga & Helen our charity raffle and cabaret night ticket sellers.

It was great to see Josie and Brian from the Steeple Steppers Square Dance Club, buy Stilnox online cod, Stilnox long term, Nottingham England.  They visited our club around this time in 2009 and attended our weekend away in Victor Harbor.  The took a cruise from Southampton on the Queen Mary 2 (even bigger than the QE2) but could not resist stopping off at Adelaide to look up their old friends.  Its great to see you again!  You are always welcome here.


Brian & Josie our UK visitors (in our group photo)

Jenny & Gerry cut our cake just before supper, Stilnox blogs, Stilnox pharmacy, which  was a superb spread of hot and cold / savoury and sweet temptations (which I managed to resist – well almost).  The tables were certainly well laden, but our dancers did do justice to the spread before them, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. What is Stilnox,


Jenny & Gerry cut our 39th cake

We had a lot of raffle prizes for our Saturday night party goers and many a smiling face walked up to choose a prize (except poor old Gerry who’s prize last year at our Charity night got snaffled up by Jeff).

After supper Mel called again and was then joined by Jeff for some double trouble.  We had some great calling from you guys.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, cheap Stilnox, Stilnox steet value, it was a great night.

I wonder what we will do to top this at our big 40 next year?

Thank  you Mel, where to buy Stilnox, Effects of Stilnox, Jeff, the Wild Frontier Committee, buy Stilnox without a prescription, Stilnox overnight, visiting callers and everyone else involved with the planning and execution of this event.  The hall looked great.  The dancing was great.  Job well done. Online buying Stilnox hcl. Stilnox without prescription. Stilnox description. Stilnox online cod. Stilnox samples. Stilnox maximum dosage. Stilnox over the counter. Stilnox no prescription.

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