Berri 2012 Weekend Away

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The weather was rather different this year.  We arrived early on Wednesday 21st March; the day was nice and sunny, temperature was in the mid to high 20’s.  Thursday started off fine but it got a little cooler, just managing 20 C.  Friday the day for our first dance in the caravan park turned out to be a cool one, sunny at first them cloudy threatening rain, but fining up towards the evening; the temperature never got above 19 C, a windy day which, in the evening was decidedly cool.  Long sleeves, trousers and windcheaters were the order of the day (sorry night).

Six Squares Up Outside The Function Room

Our traditional venue, function room / entertaining area, was occupied by another group when we arrived at 7.30 pm, the scheduled start time for our caravan park dance.  Not to worry, Jeff’s computer crashed and by the time we got it going again (about 8.00 PM), the squatters had packed away their tables chairs and wine and left the building.

They Look Like They Know What The’re Doing (But They Don’t)

We managed to get 6 squares up outside the function room and danced until 9.30 pm when we had to stop (we were not allowed to keep the oldies in the park up all night, they like many of us, needed their beauty sleep).  From the expression on many of our dancers faces,  things got somewhat confusing and terse at times, as shown in the photos below.

 Clockwise From Top Left –
Your Joking; Gawd Elp Us; OMG; Did He Say Grope Thru?
No More Please;  I Knew That

 Make Another Mistake And I’ll Do My Block

Clockwise From Top Left –
Why Can’t He Call Easy Stuff! I Don’t Understand;
You Must Be Joking; Wake Me Up When It’s Over; Hell!;
I Don’t Think I’m Enjopying This

Clockwise From Top Left –
Why Doesn’t He Call What We Are Dancing?
Why Don’t They Dance What I Call?
I’ve Never Heard That Call Before; If I Look Coy, He’ll Think I know What I’m Doing; I’ll Just Do The Hokey Pokey Instead; Don’t Look Now But Jeff’s Fly Is Open

But by the end of the night, it looked like they were having fun even if some of them had forgotten how to cross run and execute some of those fancy left hand calls.   It was also nice to see Bob and Margaret from Renmark once again; they traditionally come along to our weekend away when we go to Berri.

 Go Back To Sleep Mitty, It’s Just The Same Old Boring Stuff

On Saturday afternoon we had a Plus Dance / Workshop at the caravan park.  We managed 4 squares up and Jeff threw out a few challenges.  The event was spoiled when some dancers (who thought they could dance) refused to dance with one who they considered was not up to their standard.  Thankfully at a subsequent tip, Jeff showed them they were not as good as they thought they were.

Being a member of Wild frontier or Kanella Squares and the square dancing fraternity should not be what you can get, rather what you can put in.  The more you put in, the more you get out and one of the principle rules is you must help weaker dancers.  If you cant help a weaker dancer and your square keeps breaking down, it really means that YOU are a weak dancer yourself because you have insufficient knowledge to help others.  Wild Frontier hold classes to teach square dancing, surprise, surprise, those that need to learn (or think they have) are never seen at these classes.  Please don’t be too proud to come along on Thursday nights, we need more club member support on Thursdays.

On Saturday many of us had a meal at the Berri Club, unfortunately, the chef (who appeared to be Asian) loved salt and the food provided seemed to be laden with this condiment.  So much so that I have never consumed as much water as I did at the subsequent dance.  The food may have been tasty but I wonder what it did to my arteries.  There was one exception, the apple crumble (a huge portion with ice cream for $4.00) was very good.

The subsequent dance at the Berri Town Hall had quite a reasonable turnout; at the beginning we managed 7 squares up with one square sitting out, but this soon reduced to 5 squares up with three sitting out.  It appears that we had about two thirds the number of dancers that we had last year in Tanunda, which is to be expected, Berri is about 280 kilometres away whilst many of the Tanunda dancers just drove the short trip up for the Saturday dance then drove back.

 A Beautiful Wooden Floor

Up To Seven Squares Dancing

It was satisfying to see the previously ostracised dancer get up with many different “caring” partners during the night – thank you, you all know who you are.

 Pauline & Mick
Celebrated Their 50th Wedding Anniversary At Berri

On Sunday morning we managed 4 squares for the traditional Sunday torture- sorry workshop.  Many dancers just sat out and just watched, after all trying to degrease our befuddled brains at 10.00 AM is a big ask for many of us retirees.  Jeff ran a very interesting workshop looking at aspects of cross run from LH & RH waves / lines with dancers in left and right hand positions.  He also delved into wheel around, again from right and left hand positions and according to body flow; one of which was Dixie Style to an Ocean wave, which we did from RH & LH positions.  He also did the traditional slide through 9 times from a modified square up formation.

Sunday’s Workshop – They Are Gluttons For Punishment

By 12.00 noon we were all buggered, put the tables and chairs back in place and sat down for a bit of a chin wag, farewelling those who were directly driving back to Adelaide.  The remainder eventually went back to their cabins and caravans to revive for the evening BBQ / get together.

The evening BBQ was a great success with Jeff, Susan and many dancers staying on one extra night so they could get together for a comunal meal and a good old chin wag.

These weekend aways are a great way to get to know fellow club members relax and have some fun, make sure you come along to next years event.  Well done to everyone involved.

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