Where Is Robert Scott?

Robert & Friends On Easter Island

If you have been wondering where Robert Scott has disappeared to, the answer is the other side of the planet.  Robert has gone to Easter Island on a photographic / investigative sojourn.  He first spent a few days in Santiago at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Chile before flying over to the island.

Santigo Beneath The Andes Mountains + Sleeping Street Dog

In Santiago, he saw so many street (stray) dogs who survive on handouts.  They are very street-wise; they know that crossing the road is dangerous so wait at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, then cross when people move.  They are also to be found on Easter Island and seem to be totally ignored by the general population.  Robert of course feeds them when he can.

Easter Island Is Prone To High Winds & Big Waves

Easter Island is famous for its ancient stone carved statues called Moai many of which face out to sea.

Easter Island Has Many Moai

We know you are having an exciting time Robert, see you soon; we look forward to hearing more about this fascinating place.

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