October Barn Dance

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Many friends attended the Kanella Squares Wild Frontier Barn Dance

What a great night we all had on Saturday 6th October at Mick and Pauline’s rural property in the Bugle Ranges, south of Mount Barker.  They have a lovely house and garden surrounded by paddocks on the top of a ridge with a pleasant view of the plains below.  When we arrived it was still daylight and Mick had thoughtfully placed a car park sign directing us into a paddock adjacent to his house. 

The early birds looking for worms

It’s going to be a chilly night!

From this paddock, we walked through their garden past their house to Micks shed where the square dance was to be held.  We arrived about half an hour early to find a large, dare I say noisy gathering already encamped under the sheds awning, drinking alcohol warming themselves next to a campfire.  Mick had especially cleaned out his shed for the dance, we understand this was a strange new activity for him and the experience may have been rather traumatic.

The idea of the dance was to reintroduce some of the old time square dance calls, dress was casual (parka jeans and woolly hats – no it wasn’t really that cold,  people soon started to take of their layers once dancing got underway).

Hot food, hot coffee and hot fire 

More food and wine

Bugger the food I’ll drink the wine.

Prior to the dance we had our evening buffet meal.  What a feast!  Micks new home built Pizza oven worked a treat and I saw two large Webbers and two large BBQ plates all going at the same time (God knows what was going on in the house kitchen I did not dare to go look).  So for eats we had pizzas, snags, chooks and another one of Micks family (was it Dolly?) a lovely spit roast lamb, accompanied by the usual salads and other buffet accoutrements.  Then after all that stuffing of the face, they had the nerve to bring out desserts!

Dancers from many other clubs attended, I saw badges from Leisurely Squares, Adelaide Outlaws, and Paddle Steamers (sorry if I missed any other club).  Whilst more than 80 square dancers attended the event we still only managed to get a maximum of 8 squares up at any one time.  Many seemed to like sitting round the magnificent warm camp fire whilst flapping their gums and sipping their wine / amber fluids.

Not dancing, just flapping the gums

A good pace soon warmed us all up

We eventually got the hang of the Grand Sashay, the reintroduction of dive through and following ones nose when walking round your corner, plus blokes in the right hand dancer’s position seemed to throw a few.  It also seems that a lot of dancers don’t understand Zoom when applied to specified dancers and doing more than one walk and dodge in succession caught a few on the hop. 

We did have an undesireable rap dancer in our midst

He has many vices!

As it should be, everything was taken in good heart and there was a lot of laughter.  Later that night, Jeff did a Plus bracket which many watched for a few laughs.  We also had five raffle prizes plus a door prize.  Jeff drew out the door prize for himself and as usual Barry won one of the raffle prizes.  Towards the end of the night, Kevin, April and Ian also did some calling.  Thank you.

Madam Bareenah?

The night was a huge success; this is the way I believe square dances should be; out in the bush, a rural setting, with good food, good company and good calling.  Kids were the only missing ingredient; selfishly we all left our grandkids at home!  I wonder why?

We all had immense fun in the dark trying to locate our parked vehicles in the paddock, whilst avoiding stepping into the piles of poo.  Some people had remembered to bring torches.  Thank goodness it was not a cow paddock, mind you the poo piles looked very big for sheep, but perhaps Mick feeds them very well (like he did for his guests – flitting between BBQ’s, Webbers and Pizza oven).  If you did step in the poo in the darkness, blame April, she didn’t put anything on her flyer about darkness, squishy poo or torches.

We should do this again!

We would however still like to say a big thankyou to April who did a magnificent job of administration when organizing the event. An even bigger thankyou must go to Pauline and Mick for opening up their lovely rural property to the marauding hordes and, to Wilma and Rudy their close friends who helped with the preparation.

Also thank you to everyone else involved including Jeff and his bloody Grand Sashay.


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