Dancing At The Old Mill Haahndorf

It all happened on Tuesday 20th November 2012 at a pub in Haandorf ,a town originally established by early German settlers.

Twas not the night before Christmas, when all through the house (well pub really),

Many creatures were stirring, everything was grouse.

The stockings were not hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there, because we were all enjoying ourselves eating drinking and dancing in the restaurant / function room of the Old Mill!

 We were far too busy having fun to bother looking for a fire place where we could hang the sodding stockings. In any case it was too late for any of our grandkids to be in the pub where Wild Frontier and Kanella Squares were participating in their annual pre Christmas festivities. 

They can come along to the special Christmas Dance at 7.00 PM on Friday 21st December at our Chapel Street venue.  We need to know how many children you will be bringing so let Jenny, Stephen or Maryka know if you bringing your grandchildren.  Alternatively you can also phone Jeff – see this websites front page for his phone number or use the “contact us” feature on the top menue bar


Before the dancing there was a lot of serious eating!

A tad over 10 squares gathered for the traditional smorgasbord dance at the Old Mill Haandorf.  Whilst attendance was a bit down on last year (is this due to the GFC or are some of us moving on to our zimmer frames). As usual we had a wide range of foods to choose from, Chinese, Indian, and Asian; roasts, fish, pastas, salads and cold collations, then of course the usual palovas, cakes pasties crumbles strudels ice creams etc etc

Yummm….- From the lips to the hips

Whilst we managed around 6 squares all thru the night, including the Plus tips and it was great to see many of our Thursday night dancers join in the fun, I doubt anyone was able to work off the excess calories consumed from the smorgasbord. 

Nice to see Heather and Tony back from the bush, but only briefly, they are now in Tasmania

Great to see John again but unfortunately his knees have still not fully recovered

It was great to see some old faces, but sad to see Pauline in a wheel chair, we all hope she gets well soon, she needs to be mobile to keep Sid in check. It was also great to see Peter Scott calling, he is back from one of those oil rigs somewhere on this planet, it was nice to hear another voice, unfortunately I had to leave before the night was out so I am not sure if Kevin called a hoedown.

Square dancing?  This lot look like they’re doing the Charleston

Thank goodness we still have the “A team”

When I left an hour before the end, the joint was jumping and everyone was having a great time.  Another successful function, well done the committee and great calling Jeff and Peter.

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