Wild Frontier’s Christmas Dance


What a great night was had by one and all.

Twas the Friday before Christmas, (Friday 21st Dec 2012 to be precise) when all through the hall

Many creatures were stirring, decorating it all.

The ornaments were hung on the Christmas tree with care,

In hopes that Father Christmas would soon be there

And then the children arrived!  Lets’s face it we all like to see kids having a great time and they sure did, thanks to Steve an Maryka’s (S&M) organization.

At the start of the night, whilst a couple of squares danced on the floor, the children were occupied in one of the many activities S&M had arranged.

Reindeer c

Reindeer (with sunglasses?)

At the initial group activity, the children all made their own hobby reindeers (as opposed to hobby horses) They then joined in some group dancing after which they had the floor to themselves for the birdie dance and some singing with their very own reindeers.


Doing the Birdie Dance

After all this excitement we managed to get the children seated in front of the Christmas Tree for a very popular moment, Santa Clause entered our hall to meet the children and importantly hand out a present to each one of them. 

Kids & Santa 01C

OK Santa, Where Are The Presents?

Babyb & Santa 01C

I Was First In Line For My Present

Kids & Santa 02 C

It’s Great!  Us Littlies Get Our Presents Before Those Biggies

After such a fun filled night, the children retired to the foyer for a sumptuous children’s only feast (however I did spot a few adults sneaking the odd bite).

Kids & Food 01C

What Shall We Eat first?

Kids & Food 02 C

Let’s Try Everything

We then finished off a very satisfying night with some adult square dancing, followed by supper and the last two tips.

Dancers 01C

A big thankyou to the committee who organized the event and to all those helpers put up the Christmas tree and decorated the hall

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