Celebrations at Morialta

Our Friday 15th March dance was well attended; we were joined by members of the Morialta Uniting Church.  Over 100 people gathered in our Chapel Street dance venue to celebrate completion of the renovations, our visitors were encouraged to try out square dancing on the new floor.  With encouragement from our club dancers (they simply grabbed the nearest visitor), we managed to get most of them onto the floor.  As expected they enjoyed the experience and friendship we square dancers all take for granted.

Crowd C

Our visitors also provided a sumptuous supper which was supplemented by fare from our club dancers.  After Doug (pastor by appointment to the Wild Frontier Square Dance Club Inc) said grace, everyone did their best to devour the mountain of food set out on additional supper tables; unfortunately this task proved to be beyond our best efforts.

John Casey a caller from Queensland also dropped in to say hi and gave us a couple of stimulating dances (I don’t think I have ever done a wrong way promenade before).  John also kindly promised to come along to our Goolwa weekend away which should keep our dancers on their toes (figuratively speaking of course).

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