Roundup Magazine Censorship

Subsequent to the Square Dance Magazine’s article (see Jeff Seidel wrote to the South Australian Square Dance Society (SASDS) magazine Roundup editor, expressing his concern about the round dancing at Freeling.

It would appear that his comments will be edited (censored) according to SASDS “guidelines” and “regulations”, hence his full comments will not be passed on to readers of Roundup.  So in the interests of full transparency Jeff has decided to publish here a full account.

If the text is too small click on the letter to enlarge.

Below is the original letter from Jeff to the SASDS Roundup editor.

Letter to editor C

Below is the editors (Anne Tulloch) response on behalf of the SASDS.

SADS Letter to Jeff

Below is the edited letter Anne proposes to publish.

Proposed Edit

Below is Anne’s email to Jeff regarding the above and his response which has initiated this post on Wild Frontiers website.


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