Barn Dance at Mick and Pauline’s Farm

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 Dancing in the shed

Dancing in “The Barn”

Once again another very successful “Barn Dance” was held in Mick and Pauline’s barn on Saturday 5th October 2013.  Not strictly a barn dance, rather square dancing in Mick’s large agricultural shed “the barn”, located on his rural property in the Adelaide Hills.  Our thanks go out to Mick & Pauline for their hospitality, April for her organization, her family and many other helpers. Well done!


A few social drinks (before, during and after daancing)

Warming Fire

A nice warming fire

The weather was kind & the company was great, the fire was nice and warm and the food just went on and on and on.  They did squeeze in some dancing between the eating, snacking and topping up.   It was great that some of our learners joined us, including Tracy who came back from Sydney for the weekend.  Everybody seemed to enjoy the evening.  Especially the FOOD, mmmm, this included lovely home grown lamb on the BBQ and delicacies from Mick’s wood fired Pizza oven.


Dessert – You should see how much they ate for tea (and later supper)

You may wonder why this article has taken so long to arrive on our website.  The truth is because of  family issues we missed out on the event.  Further it took a while to coordinate delivery of the many photos in this article taken by Tracy (thank you well done).  Tracy seems to sporadically flit between Chanel 10 Sydney, Knee Deep Squares Gymea and Wild Frontier Kensington Gardens on Thursday nights.  I must also thank Darryl for attending and taking some photos on my behalf.

Time Marches On

Time and tide wait for no man – ithat includes Jeff

Cool Kev

Cool Kev was there (autographs by arrangement)

Up to the middle and back

Up to the middle and back

Jenny & Gerry

Let us not forget our president and consort

Well done Wild Frontier for such a successful and well attended night, it just proves a topical point of discussion that our dancers are all looking for novel events rather than the same old, same old.  Could we develop a travelling bi monthly square dance calendar?  Events would need to be within reasonable striking distance of Adelaide, not the distances experience by many TAWS dancers, and involve or be close to good food.

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