Thursday Night Beginners Class Outing

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On Thursday 7th November 2013, our Thursday night beginners class “had an away dance” when they paid a visit to Vintage Squares in Gawler.  This gave our new dancers another chance to do something different and importantly integrate them with other dancers (they have already attended many other Wild Frontier functions).  This removes the apprehension dancers of the past typically experienced after graduation, when for the first time they met a group of experienced dancers.

Group Photo

Sorry Cyril!  You are twice the dancer shown in this group photo

Vintage Squares have joined our beginners class a couple of times and we all have a great time.  This night was no exception plus as a bonus, they put on a sumptuous supper for their visitors.  Barry their club caller and Danny were originally Wild Frontier dancers from way back around the time when Jeff first started his club.


Hopefully they will pay us another visit soon.  Well done the callers and dancers of Wild Frontier and Vintage Squares!

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