Wild Frontier’s 2008 New Years Eve Dance

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It is hard to believe another year has flashed by.  Our 2008 New Years Eve dance has been and gone; we are now into 2009.  This year, it was a lot cooler than 2007, which is perhaps why attendance was lower; about 100 dancers gathered to usher in the New Year.


We're here to have a good time!
We are here to have a good time

We may have been down in numbers but certainly did not lack enthusiasm or merriment.  Everyone had a great time and because it was cool outside, most danced the night (year) away.  It was great to see Graham and Jenette up and dancing, their plane from Sydney touched down at 7:00 PM and they still had enough get up and go to come along.


Tehy must all be inside dancing!
They must all be inside dancing!

The committee did a great job decorating the hall, setting up tables outside the hall and carrying out some of the heavy pews to seat the gathered throng.  “Drag up a pew” now has more meaning, boy are they heavy!


Not many more up to the middle and back's this year
Not many more up to the middle and backs this year

There were many great raffle prizes including the draw for the painting raffled for Childhood cancer.  The prize was appropriately won by Peter who was a founding member of the Childhood Cancer Association, formed when his daughter had cancer.  Thanks to excellent treatment at the Children’s Hospital, Peters daughter made a full recovery and is now married with children.  The raffle raised $161.00 which will be added to the money we raise in July at our Police Dixie Jazz band charity night.

Jeff’s calling was impeccable unlike last year when it sort of deteriorated as the night wore on (again put it down to the cooler weather, not as much cool amber lubrication was needed this time).  Our guest callers Colin, Ivan and Ian gave great calls and we all gathered in a large circle at midnight and bombarded each other with streamers and poppers to welcome in the New Year.


Jeff, Susan, April and Janine
Jeff, Susan, April and Janine

The dance wound up just after 1:00 AM with five squares up for the lasr dance.  Then once again, a big thankyou to the committee and those dancers who stayed back to help clean up the hall and put all the furniture and tables back into place.

 Anyone who decided it was too cold to come along missed out on a great night, thoroughly enjoyed by all there.  I know Helen and I had a great time; we quickly went to the land of nod when our heads touched our pillows at 2:30AM; I understand that some stalwarts did however continue to party on.

 See you all on the dance floor on Friday 16th January when we start the whole process over once again.

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