Gawler Country Music Club

On Sunday 15th March, the Wild Frontier Square Dance Club with a couple of friends from Shooting Stars gave a square dance demonstration at the Gawler Country Music Club (  Club members meet for some fun , live bands and a bit of a laugh, on the 3rd Sunday of each month, at the Munno Para Bowling Club, Corner Curtis and Main North Road, between 12 PM and 4.00 PM.

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 The country music group Kindred Spirit were playing at the club on this Sunday and got everyone in a good frame of mind, quite a bit of dancing and boot scootin preceded our demonstration.


We had two squares up on a small dance floor.  Jeff did a demonstration hoedown and a singing call before the fun really started when we all grabbed someone from the audience and encouraged them to join in.


We only had a total of 40 minutes for the whole event so we couldn’t teach them much, they only learnt: Heads, Corners, Circle, Allemande Left, Turn Your Partner By The Right, Dosado, Promenade ,Swing Your Partner, Up to the Middle and Back and Right and Left Grand- whew they learnt quite a lot in 15 minutes didn’t they.


All in all we think dancers, participants and the audience had a good time.  A few people expressed an interest in attending out Come & Try BBQ dance to be held on the following Sunday 22nd March, at our Kensington Venue.

 If this is the first you have heard of our Come & Try events, just scroll on down until you find the advertisement on this website and click on the image so you can read it, or contact us through this web page.  If you can’t make this one, we are holding another in August so please contact us and we will give you more details.

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