Our Come & Try Fun Square Dance

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Judging by the positive feedback from the participants, our come and try square dance event held on Sunday 22nd March was a success.  The event was specifically held to cater for people who had never before tried to square dance.  In fact this fun event was suitable for people who could not dance, had two left feet or had never ever danced.


About 55 people of all ages gathered at our Leabrook hall at around 2.PM to “have a go”.  We managed 5 squares at any one time with some sitting out and others working on the sidelines.  The spasmodic laughter was a good indicator that a good time was being had by all.


By the end of the afternoon, our intrepid newcomers knew all about Squares, Heads, Sides and Home.  They could all Allemande Left, Dosado, Promenade, Courtesy Turn, Pass Through and much much more.  They learnt so much we gave them a handout which showed them how many moves they had mastered in such a short time.


The BBQ tea at 5 PM after the dancing also seemed to be successful; in fact the raucous crowd were rather silent sitting there munching away.  All the food went, which just goes to show how much of an appetite this activity generates.


Many of the dancers want to come back to our next event in August, hopefully they will bring some of their friends.


If you are reading this article and did not participate, and would like to “have a go”,  please contact us via this website and we will give you details of upcoming events.

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