Wild Frontier / Kannella Squares Weekend Away 2009

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Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor

This years weekend away was at Victor Harbor (yes Harbor, it would appear that Matthew Flinders could not spell and that’s the name he put on the map)


The weather was beautiful

Thursday Some intrepid dancers arrived with their caravans and set up early at the Victor Harbor Holiday & Cabin Park (http://www.victorharborholiday.com.au).  The park was very pleasant, the staff were helpful and the amenities and park were nice and clean. 


 Trevor’s monster caravan

Trevor & Lorraine Hunt of Shooing Stars fame arrived with their enormous 5th Wheeler, but when they went to park it in the open accessible spot Trevor had especially reserved earlier in the year, they found a caravan and annex had been set up there by a “squatter” (one of Ros’s friends – I wonder if she put her up to that).  Never the less with some deft reversing, Trevor did manage to manoeuvre his monster between a few trees and onto another site (he had the windows of his ute up at the time so it is unclear exactly what he was saying, probably rehearsing one of the singing calls he was going to do on Friday night).


 Jeff & Trevor

Friday and Saturday night dances and the Sunday workshop were held at the Victor Harbor Recreational Centre.  The hall was just the right size and had great acoustics.  Unfortunately there was no elevated stage and whilst Jeff was on his soapbox at times, he was out of line of sight to dancers at the rear of the hall (some may say that was beneficial).  This year we could clearly hear the calls given by both Jeff and Trevor.  Trevor even brought along a new microphone.  So the squares that broke down at this venue had no excuse this year.

The first dance took place on Friday night, dress was casual and we had  5 squares up with some dancers sitting out.  The basket supper was well received.  Most dancers went home to sleep in preparation for Saturday’s activities.


Saturday’s Dance

On Saturday our numbers increase with some dancers driving down from Adelaide. It was also nice to see Lynette and John from Naracoorte, Margaret and Bob from Renmark and Josie and Brian from UK.  About 80 dancers enjoyed the pre dance meal at the Hotel Victor, they all left with very full stomaches and waddled into the hall hoping to work off some of the calories. They were not disappointed, the calling was brisk and many dancers soon found out what they should but did not know. Jeff and Trevor make a good pair, their hoedowns can be very complex (in other words, they are both devious callers).

Lynette and John from Naracoorte

Margaret and Bob from Renmark 

Josie and Brian from UK 

We had 9 squares up with enough dancers sitting out to make up another set Jeff and Trevor did most of the calling, with guest calls from Colin, Ivan and Ian.  Once again, most dancers went home to sleep in preparation for Sunday’s workshop, I say most, there’s always the exception, some dancers (we know who you are) got together after the dance and imbibed into the wee small hours


 Jeff’s Sunday morning torture

On Sunday we still managed 5 squares for Jeff’s Sunday morning 10.00 AM torture; sorry workshop. Some dancers surfaced a bit late, suffering the consequences of the previous nights after dance activities (we know who you are). We did some left hand spin the tops and Jeff put us through different variations of pass to the centre and other calls, naturally everyone knew all the moves and performed faultlessly, well nearly everyone (we know who you are).  Below are a few photos taken at the workshop (so the torture wasn’t so bad after all).


 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil 

Twinings naturally

Senga and Darryl

Ronda, Helen & Joan “dog sitting”

Pix & Mitz “square dogs”

Goolwa Paddle Steamers with Kay

Lois & Jenny in the kitchen

Jackie & Les

Jeff & Bev

Jeff & Laurie – maaaaate

Carol Helen & Anita (more doggie sitters)

On Sunday evening about 20 dancers got together for an evening BBQ at the caravan park, they ate drank and chatted until the sun went down.  Everyone agreed that they had experienced a great weekend and there should be more like it. 


I know there’s a BBQ somewhere arround here!


April has EVIDENCE!

Well done; a big thankyou to the committee, the callers and all the dancers who travelled down to Victor to make the event such a success.


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