Anzac Dance

I apologise for the lateness of this article, Helen and I now have a new grandson Braeden; we only just managed to complete our anniversary lunch when the incoming phone call from our daughter asking for our help was received.  So, we have been a bit stretched for time both before and after the birth, hence I have not had time to sort out my photos and write this article.  It was fortunate that we were available to rush her to the hospital and look after Braeden’s (almost) 2 year old sister Anneleh, our daughter had her baby within 24 hrs of going in. 

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 Aussie Flags Everywhere

If I cast my mind back to our Anzac dance, I know I had a good time there, in fact everyone there had a great time, however, our numbers were down a bit, we had a maximum of 5 squares up at the beginning but then dropped back to 4 squares whilst some dancers took a rest.  Could it be the dark cold nights, the telly, aching limbs, bad backs or some of us are just so popular we have to ration out our time?  Life does seem to be getting more and more hectic as time passes; for many, the time available for leisure activities is dwindling (and they told me retirement would allow me to relax and get out more – what a joke)..


Pauline and Paul from the Essendon

The stage was resplendent in Australian flags and Colin Hudson’s army paraphernalia; many other Australian flags adorned the walls of the hall.  We also had two interstate visitors Pauline and Paul from the Essendon Square Dance Club in Victoria.  They had just popped over to see what Adelaide was like, never having been here before.  It was great that they tracked us down and came along that night.


April in her uncles uniform

April wore her uncles navy uniform – he was a Petty Officer however April refused to be petty (insignificant, trivial or irrelevant) and was the exact opposite (she looked very important).  Mind you she would have been “sent to the brig, put in irons and on short fare” had she been in the navy because she needed to have her long hair cut and her tie wasn’t straight


June & our Berryl (pay at the door or perish)

Speaking of fare, supper included the traditional Anzac fare; Anzac biscuits plus Anzac biscuits and Anzac biscuits with more Anzac biscuits.

All in all a very pleasant evening.

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