Gawler Charity Dance / Demonstration

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On Saturday 23rd May, request of the organizers, club members attended a charity function at the Gawler Sport and Community Centre, Nixon Terrace, Gawler.  The  event was advertised as “Barndance the Night Away” in support of the Cancer Council and Relay for Life


It was a huge hall this is only a part of it

The auditorium was a large double basket ball court, set up with tables to accommodate around 150 people, food and non alcoholic beverage was provided at a moderate cost in addition to any BYO.

The evening had a country and western theme ( a few hay bales and wagon wheels cowboy hats etc), the principle entertainment was a country band “Wedgetail” with an appearance by a country singer “Graeme Hugo” and of course our star “Jeff Seidel”.


April Helen and Stephen with Jeff

Wild Frontier put on 2 brackets, each comprising a short demo followed by audience participation.  As usual quite an effort was required to initially get people up onto the floor but they soon got the hang of things and by the end of the night were enjoying the experience.


Anita, Chris, Lois and Kevin (the others dodged the camera)

It was unfortunate that, apart from our club members and a dozen or so organizers, only 60 or so people attended this event; such a big effort had been made by the organizers.  The trouble these days is that people tend to lead isolated lives, many don’t get out much, there is so much competition to capture diminishing peoples leisure time.  The night was wet, video shops are popular and football was on the telly.

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