Burnside Library Square Dance Demonstration

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Wild Frontier agreed to stage an American/Western theme square dance demonstration / come and try at the Burnside Library on Saturday 27th June.  Originally we were asked to stage the event on 4th July but the local Scottish society had the library booked for that day (Scottish Independence Day?).


Dancing In The Library

The local Kiwanis put on hot dogs and apple pie with cream. The dogs were really snags in rolls BUT American mustard was an option to the traditional tomato sauce – sorry ketchup.  The CWA ladies also provided a choice of soups and crusty bread, so we did not go hungry.

 We started with a couple of demo dances which attracted a few spectators who were then encouraged to have a go.  Because the event ran from 11.00 AM until 2.30 PM this strategy was used a few times during the day.


Our Book Worms

It was difficult to assess how successful we were in our promotion, quite a few people took away information, hopefully some will come along to our learners class.  Unfortunately according to Sharon the librarian, the place was unusually devoid of people – just our luck.  She wants us to come back on a Sunday when the library is usually full of people; we will see if we can oblige.


Wave (to the books)

A special thanks to Jeff for his dedication and tireless promotion of square dancing and to the club members who came along to demonstrate our activity and help out as angels.  Thanks go to; Helen, Maryka, Jerry, Anita, Jenette and also Senga who managed to make the last bracket; Les, Kevin, Robert, Brian, Chris, Graham, Daryl & Roger. 


Western Theme High Pressure Sales Girls

I note that the men outnumbered the ladies.  I have noticed that these days, men more often than not are outnumbering the women at the two clubs where I dance.  One night at another club, I sat out with seven other men while all the available women were up dancing.  Is this a trend?  Are our ladies busier than our men?  What is the problem?

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