New Voices For Our 2009 Learners

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Chrissy and Jeff

In September, we were fortunate to have Chrissy Bennet of the Silver Spurs Square Dance Club North Devon England pay us a few visits and call for our learners on Thursday nights and for our mainstream dancers on a Friday (she also called for our dancers at Kanella Squares on Tuesdays).. 


Chrissy calling to our learners having fun

Chrissy hails from Barnstaple and was visiting her daughter and son in law who live in Adelaide.  For those that have not been to England, Devon is half way along the pointy bit that runs westward towards “Lands End” at the bottom of the island.   Chrissy has a beautiful clear powerful voice akin to Joni Michel (you younger ones may not go back that far – oh how I remember those days of flower power and free love …sigh), because she was born near London she does not have a typical Devon accent.  One unique aspect to her calling (as far as I am concerned) is that she sings some of her instructions.  Club members and learners alike really appreciated her voice.  One small drawback, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate on the dance moves when listening to and appreciating her voice and the song she was singing.

 Chrissy explaining a call to our learners

Chrissy has now returned to the “Old Dart” and will be missed. On her last night, she also did a little teaching giving our class another perspective which is all extremely helpful.  Well done Chrissy – please come back.


Chrissy calling

 We have also been fortunate to have Peter Scott call for our learner’s and mainstream dances.  Peter is often overseas putting out fires (literally – he works in the petro chem. industry and is part of a team that caps oil well fires resulting from a blowout).  Because of this globe trotting, Peter cannot run a club; he is off to Scotland for 5 or so weeks which would certainly interrupt any club agenda.  In his past travels he has opened clubs in China, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore and calls at a lively pace in a unique style (let’s call it a cattle yard auctioneers style); he is very good and again well appreciated by our dancers and our learners.  Thank you Peter – please come back.


Peter calling to our learners

New voices are most important when learning to square dance; many newcomers to square dancing find it difficult to adjust to a new voice.  They often only experience this after graduation when they visit another club and may become despondent when they find they can’t handle the change.  Our learners have adjusted well to both Chrissy and Peter, their different styles of calling and “new voices” will go a long way towards preparing them for the bigger picture, e.g. the next National & State Square Dance Conventions where they will be exposed to many different voices and calling styles.


Some of our Class of 2009

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