2009 Learners Class

Our Thursday night learners are going from strength to strength.  They have essentially completed the old Basic curriculum and are now moving down the straight to the finish line, learning the more complex movements we associate with Mainstream.

Thursday night classes are fun times, everyone, including the angels have a great time, probably more so than at our Friday night dances.  This seems to be associated with the relaxed atmospheres of casual dress and a good laugh when a square breaks down; the supper is also of excellent quality.  There is a nice mix of young and old (lets face it anyone 15 year’s my junior is “young”).  They are progressing well and quickly pick up the new moves Jeff throws at them (but wait until he exploits the left hand stuff a bit deeper).

On Thursday 3rd December we will be having our L plate (learner drivers) to P plate (provisional driving licence) dance to celebrate the classes achievements and will be issuing new “P” plate name badges to our class.  On that night our Friday mainstream dancers are invited to join in the celebrations, the club will provide some alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, nibbles and dips and if you bring a plate for supper we can really over indulge. 

We are able to put on events such as this by using the proceeds of the weekly raffle.  All raffle money raised is for the benefit of class members and is returned in one way or another such as special events, topping up the supper table drinks nibbles etc.

With respect to the alcoholic beverages, two of our class members are police officers employed by the constabulary and advise that if detected, “P platers” will have their licence revoked and will revert back to “L’s”.  So those planning to imbibe to excess will need a designated driver (it is rumoured that in anticipation, a breathalyser unit could be located in our car park prior to the class’s departure).

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