A Blast From The Past


Guy, Neil & Deirdre (as usual click on images to enlarge).

Guy & Deirdre who learnt to square dance many moons ago have been brushing up on their square dancing for a while now.  They were most surprised when Neil dropped in one Friday night.  Neil, Guy and Deirdre first learnt to square dance together at Adelaide University  when Jeff called for the students there way………way back. 


Neil with his (OLD yes very OLD) square dance mentor Jeff

In fact they learnt to square dance so long ago that two of their fellow learners were Dawn and Graham Elliot who run the Adelaide Outlaws Square Dance Club, which has just celebrated it’s24th Birthday.  They most certainly did not start their club the day after their graduation.


Graham & Dawn Elliot (OLD students)

Whilst Graham and Dawn continued dancing, Neil, Guy and Deirdre dropped out.  The drop out rate after graduation appears to be fairly high;  this goes to show we need to get them when they are young so they can come back and refresh our dwindling stock (some would say to haunt us).   


All we need now are another 3 dancers from those (OLD)  Uni days to make a complete square. 



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