2009 Christmas Party

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Our annual combined Wild Frontier / Kanella Squares Christmas party was a great success, held at our favourite place – The Old Mill Hahndorf.  Jeff did some great calling with Peter and also Colin calling tips.  We danced at Basic, Mainstream, Plus and A levels.  The meal commenced prior to dancing (perhaps in the vain hope we would burn off some calories).

The smorgasbord this year was impressive, a vast improvement on previous occasions.  Judging by the piles of food some members consumed, it appears they had been starving themselves for months in order to do justice to the selections provided.  In addition to the variety of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish dishes, those with a sweet tooth were impressed by the array of pavlovas, flans, cakes, ice creams strudels crumbles and (God forbid) fresh fruit.  We will be presenting the Old Mill management with a certificate of appreciation.

The old and the new (3 of each)

Once again, we had a good turnout, by my reckoning we had 114 revellers (I printed 120 tickets and believe we had 4 unsold plus a late cancellation).  This year our numbers were bolstered by our keen learners (so keen Ken and Anne attempted to fill in for a plus bracket), by my count 18 members from our learners class attended our party and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. 

A nice venue and some of the great crowd

Pete, now back from his sojourn to Scotland and other far flung places, called with our learners on the floor, giving them some grief when he called “eight chain 4”, which they have yet to learn, however, when he called pass to the centre, another call they have yet to learn, they soon grasped the concept, got the partner trade bit right and handled the “new” call admirably.

The two door prizes and giant raffle seemed to bring out the gamblers, Graham and I sold most of the tickets and collected lots of purple and blue notes – one red one (trying to check 80 numbers for each draw must have been a real challenge).  We did have a dispute when two people had the same ticket number and colour – just goes to show if you purchase enough raffle tickets you may eventually go back into the same number sequences (the punch up that occurred ended up with a knockout and a champion).

Retired committee members Colin, Les and Beryl

Recently retired, long serving committee members Beryl Schuman, Les Hedger and Colin Hudson were presented with certificates of appreciation for the contribution they have made to the longevity and success of the Wild Frontier Square Dance Club.

All in all a most enjoyable function, we must do it again sometime – is anyone interested in a repeat performance, say November 2010?

Almost everyone had a good time except Alan on the right.

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