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We had a L to P party at our learners class on Thursday 3rd December.  Members of Wild Frontier and Kanella Squares were invited to join our learners and celebrate their achievements.  We are very proud of the progress our learners have made.  They have now reached the 1st and most important milestone in their journey towards Mainstream competency.


Wild Frontier Class of 2009 (Ken and Anne missing)

Once upon a time, square dancing consisted of turning up on the night and being taught a few simple repetitive movements that formed a set pattern used every time the same music was played.  The movements and their names varied from club to club, so if you could dance at one club you could not necessarily dance at another.  Callerlab, (the association of international square dance callers) introduced a standard language for square dance movements and defined each movement so that square dancers could understand the calls at different clubs and in different countries (English calls are the international standard).

Different levels of square dancing were defined based upon the complexity of the calls, each level building on a previous one.  Initially there were three principal dance levels; Basic, Mainstream and Plus, later they developed more complex A and challenge levels.  Our learners have reached the old Basic 50 call level which, whilst now discarded, forms a core part of all square dancing levels.  Hence we decided that like old times our class no longer contained “learners” rather “provisional” mainstream dancers who have now moved on to their “P” plates. 


Angels and Classmates Line Up

There are many who believe we should go back to the old values and reintroduce the old Basic level to get people on the floor earlier.  This is something our learners do not need to worry about at Wild frontier because Jeff integrates them into our main club activities at every opportunity, hence our learners attended our Friday 13th Night, our Christmas Party at the Old Mill and are most welcome to attend our Christmas Dance our New Years Eve Dance, and our Trip away to Berri in March (mind you the way they are going they will have graduated by that time).

We has 6 squares up and dancing with a further square and a half sitting out.  Our mainstream and advanced dancers integrated well with our learners spread evenly over the floor.  Of interest a number of squares broke down when our supposedly “experienced” dancers mads a few “Basic” mistakes.  I am sure this was unintentional, but it does go to show how we need to keep our core skills up and running.  This also encouraged many of our less confident learners who now know they can dance at Basic level just as good as some of the experienced dancers.


A Great Turnout For A Thursday Night

What a magnificent array of decadent food.  At the start we had nuts, rice crackers and Bombay mix along with Polish Sausage Cheese and French bread to soak up the Red, White, Rose, Champagne and Port.  Then at supper time out came a splendid array of savoury platters, the cakes biscuits and of course chocolate honeycomb, an absolute must to keep up the strength for a few more squares.  Heather must have put a lot of work into her platter with curried eggs, chicken, cheeses, salad greens and olives – thank you.

Especial thanks go to Graham who stayed behind the bar most of the night, Lois who did loads of work in the kitchen  and Helen who sat at the door organizing the raffle (and keeping her guard dogs in order).


Everyone Seemed to enjoy the night

Wild Frontier Square Dance club is a not for profit organisation, hence money raised by the Thursday night raffle is used for the benefit of our learners.  This is ploughed back into tea, coffee, stationary, printing, an occasional top up of the supper table and catering at functions such as the “L” to “P” night and will be used for the forthcoming graduation night next year.

To our learners; KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, not long to go now DO NOTMAKE THE SAME MISTAKE that some have!  After Christmas due to family commitments, holidays, over indulging or other time consuming events, they find they have missed a lesson or two.  Add to this their doubts; they think due to the break that they have forgotten what they have learned and because of the missed lessons cannot possibly catch up, hence they drop out.

WRONG!  Don’t go there, your classmates will worry that something untoward has happened to you and you will cut short any friendships that you have developed along the way. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU (and we are not from the Government), Jeff will revise the stuff you have missed; we will make sure everything is OK. 


Square Dancing Is a Global Phenomenon

Once you have graduated the mainstream class, you will find a whole new world of square dance opportunity open to you no matter where you travel.  Further, we intend to run Thursdays on past your graduation night so you can brush up on anything you think you need to and maintain contact will the usual (dare I say it “in” crowd – or is that “inn”).


Where is the barman?

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