Wild Frontier’s Fantastic Christmas Dance

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lets have a party

All dressed up and ready to go!

If you missed this one, you missed the square dance event of the year!  What a fantastic night, it was the best SA dance I have attended this year (I speak as an authority, because I have attended some great dances staged by clubs and organisations other than Wild Frontier).  See if you can see yourself in the video (click on “Early Arivals” below the next picture “On The Dance Floor”).  The hall was decked with holly and packed to the rafters (all puns intended). On a couple of occasions I counted nine squares up with more than one square sitting out, Darryl said he counted 10 squares up on one occasion.

Dance flloor 1

On The Dance Floor

Click on this link to see if you are on Roberts Video     Early Arrivals

We had people of all ages literally from two to ninety two (well Colin will be 92 on 31st Dec). The atmosphere was that of a country dance, people of all ages dancing, kids amusing themselves, sitting inside the hall round the dance floor and in the play area outside.  Mind you these days the amusements often include Wii and Nintendo, but I did notice a pack of playing cards laid out on the floor and on one occasion a small conga line formed.

Kids on swing

There were Some Who did Not Square Dance

Colin & Jeanette Dancing

Colin will be 92 on New Years Eve!

The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant (not literally),April and Allan’s decorated tree adjourned the stage and instead of the usual cold fluorescent lighting, we had a few warm flood lights switched on which gave an ambience perfect for the occasion, complemented by the hanging decorations, wall hangings and twinkling Christmas lights which surrounded the dancers (well done Stephen).  We thank all the dancers who attended from other clubs and for the solid backing from our own club members.

Dance flloor 3

We had fantastic support from our learner’s class, two whole squares came along and they mixed in extremely well after our usual hour of Plus.  They all commented what a great time they were having.  They experienced two new “voices” when Colin and Ian gave a call.  They hung, in even though they had not learned recycle or scoot back which were incorporated in Colin’s and Ian’s patter.  We are very pleased at the way they handle new callers, to date our learners have danced extremely well to calls from Jeff, Krissy, Peter, Colin and Ian.

Melissa & Issac

Melissa and Isaac From Our Learners Class

Jeff played the Birdie dance which the kids (and some of the grown ups) enjoyed immensely.  Some of the wiggle wiggling and clap clapping was very energetic (unlimited energy something I vaguely recollect in my dim distant past).  This was a precursor to the BIG event, a visit by Santa.  Jingle bells started to play and the big man in the red suit appeared at the end of the hall accompanied by a Christmas elf who informed us, no, she was not an elf, she was Mother Christmas (political correctness must prevail). 

Birdie dance 2

Birdie dance

Some Expert Birdie Dancers

Click on the next link to see (amongst other things) some expert birdie dancing  Expert Birdie Dancing

Father Christmas is a very popular character, swamped by photographers, posing with young ladies, waving to the audience, kissing the women, a favourite with the kids, I really envy his job.  He does bugger all for a whole year then gets all the fun times at the end of December.  Not only that, he had 2 lady assistants to help him dress and undress in a room WITH CLOSED DOORS!


Good OLD Santa

santa & Diana

What A Chore – Cuddling and Kissing The Ladies

santa and children

That’s No Elf!  That’s Mother Christmas At The Back

santa and children2

A Vey Popular Person

Then it was back to more dancing \.  Jeff kept his calls to the learners level which is now in-between Basic and Mainstream with minimal left hand stuff (e.g. no left-hand spin-chain-thru or left-hand spin the top or other all position calls).  This meant that square breakdown was infrequent (when it did happen it was not necessarily due to our learners – so come along Thursday 14th Jan at 7.30 PM if you would like to brush up and have a great fun filled time – we just have a good laugh when we make a mistake).  I am sure that many dancers were unaware of Jeff’s reduced call repertoire, some dancers such as I thought our dancing had improved, everyone had a nice easy dancing fun filled time, it was great. This is food for thought, perhaps in future we take it easy at chosen dances; we don’t really need a workshop at every event.  It was nice to see the Toons out in force.  Mum dad and 4 of their eight children accompanied Stephen and Elizabeth who have just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.

26 Years of Marrriage

Stephen & Elizabeth, Surely 26 Years Warrants a Smile?

Dance flloor 2

10 Squares Is A Bit Squeezy

After a giant raffle, which went on and on, containing only numbers I did not have (52 and 55 were called – I had 53 and 54), they eventually wheeled out our supper.  Wow!  Ladies you must be complemented on your effort.  Sandwiches, savouries, fresh fruit, nuts, cream stuff, sweet stuff, chocolate and of course the mandatory mince pies and Christmas cake.  Eventually the supper tables were cleared away, much to the disappointment of dancers such as I who were progressively, if somewhat slowly, attempting to completely demolish the repast.

Action Shot of Jeff

An Action Shot of Jeff

Ho ho ho glug glug glug

Ho Glenfiddich Ho (how to win friends and influence people)

After supper we had a giant door prize draw for club members and then the military two, mind you with all that we had eaten each couple represented a tad over two (perhaps the military three?).  We had a couple of tips after supper and finally dragged ourselves away after 11.00 PM

Jeff and the committee must be applauded for putting on such a great night.  Thank you very, very much.  We all had the best time yet!  Can we please have many more nights such as that?

Lets do this again

Let’s Do It Again!!!!!!

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