Do We Have A Potential SA Minister For Square Dancing?

Square dance?  Of course I can!

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On Saturday 30th January Wild Frontier Square Dance Club Inc were invited to demonstrate square dancing at the Northpark Shopping Centre Main North Road Prospect.  On arrival our dancers found they were part of a general promotion which included some fundraising activates by State Emergency Service volunteers.

Hay bales adorned the shopping malls with country singers, vivariums (a display of snake) and a children’s farmyard.  Our demonstration dancing took place at he intersection of the two shopping malls at the centre.  Upon arrival another dance group were giving a demo (not sure if it was line dancing or hip hop).

Grand right and left

Initially we only had enough ladies to form a single square, so dancers took turns, but then we spotted Pam out shopping and roped her in to form a second square.  Unfortunately Pam could not stay the distance so to make up a second square, we ended up with Tim dancing in the right hand position (generally the ladies position).

We then encouraged spectators to have a go but only managed a single square each time we tried.  On one occasion we spotted the Hon Dr Jane Lomax-Smith BSc, MBBS, PhD, FRCPA,who is the Minister for Education, Tourism, Mental Health & Substance Abuse, and Minister for the City of Adelaide in South Australia.

Jane & Gerry

With a little persuasion from Helen, Gerry and Roger, Jane took part in one of the come and try squares.  Roger promised she would dance with our best square dancer (all he could procure was Gerry).  Jane was a great sport and said afterwards that she was just starting to really enjoy it when it all stopped. 

Circle to the left

Jane was elected as the Member for Adelaide in the South Australian Parliament on 9 February 2002, and became a Minister when Cabinet was formed the following month. Perhaps we should add another portfolio to her list:  Minister for Square Dancing?  She did remember square dancing at school when it was too cold to go outside for sport; it’s a pity the activity has perished in SA schools, other than at Tea Tree Gully Primary School.  They were the wonderful group who demonstrated square dancing to the music of the SA Police Dixie Jazz Band, at Wild Frontiers 2009 charity night in aid of Childhood Cancer.

Bow to your partner

It was a most enjoyable outing.  Thankyou: Angela, Anita, April, Heather, Helen, Jeanette, Jenny, Alan, Chris, Gerry, Leslie, Peter, Steve Tim, and Tony.  You all did a great job promoting square dancing, some people appeared to be interested in learning more about our pastime.

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