Our 37th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday 20th February, 2010, we celebrated Wild Frontiers 37th birthday at the Burnside community Centre.

Honestly,  Ian is having a great time!

Not a bad turn-up, about 10 squares (except they did not all get up at once, we had a maximum of 9 squares up on one occasion, usually we had 8 squares up and a lot of gas bagging on the sidelines. Jeff, Trevor, Graham, Milton, Colin and Ian did some great calling; everyone seemed to have a great time.

Initally most people got up and danced.

Graham Elliot (Adelaide Outlaws) enjoying Milton’s call (Goolwa Paddle Steamers)

I counted seven of our learners on the floor.  Many of whom felt a bit intimidated, perhaps because they were also exposed to unfamiliar voices.  One learner said they did not wish to break down any sets, to which I replied, don’t worry, they will do it all by themselves without any learners dancing, so you may as well have a go.

But as the night wire on they wore out!

We had a magnificent spread for supper and this time I managed to get a photo, including the initial stampede of dancers anxious to get the tastiest morsels.

Supper neatly laid out

Charge of the (light?) brigade

Our birthday cake was magnificent, Heather did us proud, she baked and decorated a great cake.  Did I detect a hint of alcohol?  I was convinced after my third piece that the cake did indeed contain a significant amount of brandy or was it whisky?  Unfortunately the plate had disappeared when I went for my fourth piece to determine the nature of the alcoholic content, yummmm.

Heather’s Yummy Cake

Colin and Joan cut the cake (under strict supervision).

The theme being “come as an animal” resulted in the stage being adornedwith a strange menagerie of stuffed animals – not the callers although I suspect Jeff was a bit like that after supper.  Many of the dancers dressed to an animal theme, others came as they were, like me, recognizing they were animals without the need of further amplification.

A group of animals (oh sorry, my mistake that’s Jeff at the back)

Mal TAWS coordinator was at the dance (I understand some say he is a bit of an animal )

Once again a very rewarding birthday bash, we all went home very tired after a very satisfying night. 

It sure was thirsty work (that dispenser contains pure Vodka)

Well done to the committee, the callers and the dancers, without whom the event would not have been such a success.


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