Class of 2009 Graduation

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Krys & John (like our other graduates) were happy to receive their certificates

What a night! What a venue! Twenty two dancers made it from our Class of 2009, Gillian had to go to a wedding and Ian had to go interstate so unfortunately they missed out on a memorable event.

New club members Lyn, Brett, Dianna & Andrew with Lyn’s daughter
(sorry did not get her name).

The Burnside Ballroom certainly has atmosphere, and a nice sprung dance floor.  At one stage we had nine squares up with some people sitting out, this just about covered the dance floor which could hold 15 squares.  No one danced upstairs where we could have accommodated at least six more squares.  It was pleasing that dancers from Adelaide Outlaws, Shooting Stars, Leisurely Squares, Kanella Squares and TAWS also joined our new graduates, who were also exposed to the voice of another caller Peter Scott.

Plenty of room and we liked the booths surrounding the dance floor

Our committee decided to give our twenty four mainstream graduates complementary membership of our club, which takes our membership up to 101.  Dancers in this class have formed strong bonds and it was a pleasure to help out as an angel.

22 two from our happy class of 2009 (Gillian and Ian are missing)
+ Lois, Jenny, Kevin and Gerry

Jeff and Jenny presented our graduates with their certificate and membership cards, and we owe a big thanks to Darryl for taking photos of the presentation, even though he was not familiar with Roger’s camera he did a great job. Helen and I are currently on the road, we are at Berri with wild Frontier, then moving on to Speewa for a square dance in an old barn, our mobile broadband connection is a bit slow so unfortunately we cand upload all the photos.  We will sort something out on our return.

Is Judy questioning the validity of Jeff scribbly signature?

Heather Wheeler from the South Australian Square Dance Society also attended our graduation and presented complementary Roundups and membership to the SASDS..

Roger then made a surprise presentation of certificates of appreciation to Jenny, Gerry, Lois and Kevin who are stalwarts of the club.  They help out during almost every club event, functions, dances, learners classes, demonstrations, trips away, you name it, they are there helping out and promoting our club.  Well done, your efforts have not gone un-noticed


Lois,  Kevin, Jenny & Gerry – our dedicated committee members

Complimentary nibbles, red, white and non alcoholic wine, champagne and port were provided and Graham did a fantastic job behind the bar keeping up with the demands of our thirsty dancers.  It was nice that dancers could congregate in the bar area which opened off the dance floor  We ended up with a wheelie bin full of empty bottles. 

Heather & Tony

Supper was a BIG event.  After consuming many French loaves, kilos of cheese and Polish sausage, peanuts, rice crackers and Bombay mix at the bar, the dancers moved on to the piles of food at the supper tables, supplemented by piles of hot pies and sausage rolls provided by the club.  You guessed it; we could not eat all the food.  Dancers waddled out the door, homeward bound, content, full and carrying doggie bags of excess goodies.

Supper at last!

Without doubt, the night was a great success and hopefully we will be able to repeat the event at the same venue next year.  This will depend on the size of the learners class.  If we do repeat the event, hopefully word will have got around and more dancers will turn up – who knows, we could even get a few squares dancing upstairs next time.


By George I think we’ve got it!

Thursday nights will continue until our new learner’s class of 2010 kicks off with two free come and try dances on Thursday 13th and 20th May.  Until then, Jeff will introduce the class to some of the more intricate mainstream moves, exposing them to some of the tricky all position calls.  Our graduates now have the choice of continuing dancing on Thursday nights, or attending Friday nights. or dancing BOTH NIGHTS.

See you all on the floor!

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