Our First Come and Try Night

We held another free “Come and Try” night on Thursday 13th May as a precursor to our 2010 learners class which starts on Thursday 27th May.  This allows people to come and try square dancing to see if they would like to learn more.

We had a good turn-up, with 18 prospective learners and a good sprinkling of angels allowing  5 squares on the floor.  We rapidly progressed through a good number of calls.  Allemande  left, Turn your partner by the right, Dosido, Promenade, Grand right and left, Men star left, Ladies promenade, Circle, Heads/Sides up to the middle and back, Chain across (2 and 4 ladies) and Swing your partner.

Thanks you to all the angels who helped make the night a success and to all those who contributed to the magnificent supper which rounded off a very enjoyable night

We will have one more free Come & Try next Thursday 20th May – bring someone along who you think would like to learn.

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