Kev’s Big Night Out

When the cats away the mice will play.  Whilst Jeff was hobnobbing with his fellow callers in Wodonga at the 2010 National Square Dance Convention, we who were left at home, continued with our learners night using borrowed equipment from Jeff (thankyou for the microphone that cut out due to loose connections – fixed with a good wind of electrical insulating tape).

Kevin Alfrey did the calling and Roger showed some slides and video to explain exactly what a National convention was (he remembered nobody told him much about such things until a fellow learner spied and reported back about what went on at such occasions).  Kevin did a magnificent job filling in and was well received by our class.  Likely he was a bit nervous at the beginning and dare I suggest probably a bit “over prepared”.  He had structured his teaching for the night to fit in with what the class had learnt but soon found that learners don’t always respond as anticipated.

As the night wore on Kev’s calling and the class response got better and better, especially when Kevin appeared to abandon his prearranged programme and sight called using his knowledge and experience.

We had a great turnout, only four people missing, and two new learners appeared.  We had a limited number of angels due to the National, however managed four squares up with some sitting out, we were a bit short of male dancers and convertibles.  Thankyou Robert, Darryl and Senga  for coming along and helping out.

The class appeared to appreciate the change in voice and pace, some different music and a slide show giving them information / photos & videos about square dancing and national conventions

A video showing the style applicable to “Swing” your partner and how to form a “Thar” also helped the class; by end of the night Kev had them doing Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar like seasoned professionals.  It was a pity Ray did not make it, we will need to take him aside; hopefully he will arrive early next week as he usually does.

Well done Kevin, you really MUST do some more hoedown stuff for our learners, we need you.

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