The Silver Spurs Square Dance Club

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On Friday 30th July, Helen and I paid a visit to the Silver Spurs Square Dance Club who dance in Goodleigh Village Hall near Barnstaple North Devon.  The club has two callers, Chrissie Bennet who visited Wild Frontier last year and Peter Johnson.  But looking at her club badge her emails etc is it Krissie, Chrissie, Chrissey, Krissy or Chrissy?  Locating the place was a most interesting exercise considering our mobile home was about the size of a furniture removals truck and the roads were about as wide as a cycle path.  We missed the Goodleigh Road turning and drove for miles down twisting lanes before we could find a road junction large enough to allow us to turn around, when we got back to the missed turn we could not get round due to the length of the vehicle so Helen had to direct traffic so I cold go right over on the wrong side of the road and turn (also onto the wrong side).

Krissie, who visited us in 2009

Eventually we arrived (in the rain) and squeezed through a narrow gateway / chicane into the Goodleigh Hall car park, Krissie came out to greet us.  Helen and I made up the initial numbers for two squares and Peter kicked off the evening.  The usual allemande left grand right and left etc then Track Two – wait a minute this is supposed to be mainstream?  Helen who has not danced for a year felt she was a bit rusty on mainstream and was sure she had forgotten her plus.  All Ladies Centre for a Teacup Chain (Helen’s dreaded call) and not the same ALL Ladies?  We only do it Head or Side Ladies!  We found out Fridays were plus nights; Tuesday’s are their mainstream nights. Thank goodness Helen did not know, I am sure she would have piked out at attending a plus dance. Suffice to say we did break up the square a few times having forgotten many of the calls.

Also the UK handholds are different.  Allemande Left and Turn you Partner by the Right and Swing Through employ arm turns with dancers gripping each others forearm at waist height (perhaps we should consider this in Australia, likely it has the potential to reduce the incidence of shoulder injury) also they promenade with both arms in front of the lady (meaning she can’t do any skirt work?).

We never stop learning!!

However, no one really cared when the set broke down, it transpired that we had the plus learners along as well as the regulars and we all had a great laugh when things went askew as it did when we were told to keep promenading and heads were told to zoom.  Chrissey and Peter were very patient regrouping the squares and working through the mistakes we made.  By the end of the evening either the calls got easier or, we improved due to the callers teachings (more likely), because everyone’s dancing improved by the end of the night.

Roger, Chrissie, Peter and Helen

As can be seen, we took a few pictures and gave the dancers our web address so they can look at them on this site.  We did a lot of dancing in the two or so hours we were there and everyone including us went home a little weary.  As a few dancers commented “we don’t get much of a break when both club callers come along on the same night”.

They really are a happyclub over there in North Devon

The Silver Spurs callers Peter, Krissy and the club dancers are a friendly bunch and we had a great night.  Helen and I were presented with a couple of club badges

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